Thursday, March 30, 2017

NCircle Entertainment Ambassador

     Just wanted to share with our readers that we have had a wonderful new opportunity given to us with our blog.

     We have become NCircle Entertainment Ambassadors and we are excited about being part of the NCircle Entertainment Family.  What this means, for you, our readers, is that we will be participating in reviews as well as hosting giveaways on our blog, from these fabulous folks. 

     Stay tuned . . . .first reviews and giveaways should be coming in the very near future!!!!



Monday, March 6, 2017

Soldier Song: A True Story Of The Civil War by Debbie Levy & Illustrated by Gilbert Ford

     I am a history buff and love almost everything about it.  In school, it was my favorite subject.  One of the times in our history that has had my interests peeked was the time of The Civil.  Though the Civil War took place across many different geographical locations, I was always fascinated with Gettysburg.  This past year, we were finally able to take a trip there and spend a few days walking around the town, the monuments and spending an endless amount of time on the battlefield. I would highly recommend you going if you haven't.  It is a moving experience.
     Being that we are a homeschooling family, one of the educational subjects that I wanted to teach this year was the Civil War, and where else can you learn about it, then going to the places that the battles were fought.  There were many places and many battles. Just at this time that we were learning about it, I received the opportunity (thank you to Ms. C McGinty, Disney Publishing Worldwide) to do a book review called Soldier Song: A True Story Of The Civil War written by Debbie Levy and Illustrated by Gilbert Ford.


     It is a non-fiction book that tells one of those more positive aspects from a soldiers view that was going on in a very awful time for them and our country.  It is based around an event that happened during the siege of Fredericksburg.

Our thoughts on it:
     We used this book as a supplement for what I was covering with our child about the war.  I mainly just wanted to touch base on some of the important parts of the war and what the turning point was.  Our daughter is only elementary age so we did not dive into all aspects of The Civil War, that will come at a later date.

     The story is wonderful.  Well written and keeps you turning the pages.  In my opinion in is for an older elementary child as some of the words are advanced.  But, you can do as we did and read it together.  The illustrations are wonderful.  Colorful. And paint a "beautiful" picture of a devastating time, as does the story. 

     One thing that I really love is that the author has also included a timeline of events.  This will come in handy for anyone that is learning about the Civil War. 
     This story will be a valuable resource for years to come. 

     If you are interested in obtaining this book, it was available for sale on February 7, 2017 from Disney Hyperion.  If you are a history buff, homeschooler, or just someone that really loves learning about history I would recommend it.


I received no monetary compensation for this post.  However, I did receive a copy of the book so that we could do a proper book review and state our opinion, but all opinions are our own.


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Saying I Love You Without actually saying it or having it cost MONEY

I've been trying to come up with some blog post topics to write about as it seems that my blog has taken to just being giveaways, and that is not the reason that I started it.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I love giving things away.  Heck, I love entering sweepstakes and get just as excited being able to give prizes away to our readers.

But I also want to expand a bit on my blog.  Get it up to date.  Might even change the name a bit as my little red-head is growing up, don't get me wrong, she still loves lollipops and she still loves ladybugs, but her interests have exploded.

So, sitting here thinking, how do I say "I Love You" without actually saying the words? How can you say "I Love You" without it costing anything?   My kiddo tells me all the time.  She actually just yelled out of the bedroom, "Mommy I Love You,"  and she does that frequently.  

Here are some of my (our) ways:

1.  Each and every morning I get up and pack my husband's lunch for him to take to work.  Growing up, I watched my Mom pack my Dad's lunchbox each and every day, and I guess it grew on me.

2.  Will text my hubby, just because. 

3.  When he gets home from work, I will ask him how his day has gone? Pretty easy to tell when its been a bad day, and actually listen to him.

4.  I put little cute notes in his lunch box, though its been a while, need to get on that again. 

5.  Texting funny pictures of the kiddo to him.

6.  Kiddo and I will go out and visit him in the field when I know he is going to be working late and won't get to see her before she goes to bed.

7.  Get up first thing and make the coffee (he does this for me as well).

8.  Just spend time together, doing nothing.

9.  Cook his favorite meal.

10. After the kiddo is in bed, pour a glass or two of wine and snuggle.

11.  We love to sit out side, quietly, and just look up at the stars.  This is "our time."

What are some of your ways to say I Love You to your spouse, significant other, friends, parents, etc?


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