Thursday, April 19, 2018

Molang Prize Pack Giveaway from NCircle Entertainment

     If your little loves Molang then they are going to love this prize pack, being brought to you by NCircle Entertainment.   The prize pack consists of Molang Loves soft cover book, Molang season Two DVD, Molang Best Friends Charms (a favorite) and the Molang Push n' Peel Pop. 
Join Molang, a round, fluffy, and happy rabbit, and his friend, Piu Piu, a poised, timid, and reserved yellow chick, as they explore everyday life.

Despite their many differences, Molang and Piu Piu enjoy a special friendship. They have amazing times together ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary. From finding themselves in the middle of the jungle, going to the circus or enjoying a rainy day, Molang and Piu Piu embrace every daily adventure together. Who knew dancing in the rain with your best friend could be so much fun? No matter what happens, every single moment with these two is filled with sheer happiness. Embark on 52 lovable adventures with Molang and Piu Piu!
     We really enjoyed the DVD, which has over 3 hours of entertainment for your kiddos. We have seen it, in its entirety twice now. It'll keep them busy.  The best friends charm bracelet was a definite favorite.   What is cool about the bracelet is that in series 1 there are 30 charms, so you can collect them all and share them with your friends.  They are small, so you should keep them out of the hands that like to put things they find in their mouths.  You will really love this prize pack.  Please swing on over to NCircle Entertainment and check it out!!

     Before you swing on over, guess what??? You can scroll down and win your own Molang prize pack right here!  Yes!! Thanks to NCircle Entertainment, one of our readers will win their own prize pack.  All you have to do is check out the rafflecopter form below to enter.

     Many thanks to NCircle Entertainment for allowing us to be an Ambassador with them. 

Disclaimer: We received no monetary compensation for this posting.  However, we did receive a copy of the prize pack for our enjoyment.
All opinions expressed herein, are our own.  Quoted red text belongs to NCircle Entertainment.

Now onto the giveaway!! Good luck!
Open to residents of the USA 18+
Please, only one entrant per household.
Giveaway will end on: April 30, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. est.
Please only take credit for tasks you complete on the rafflecopter form.
Please allow 6-8 weeks for shipment of prize (from NCircle Entertainment), though they are much quicker than that.

Friday, March 9, 2018 Product Review

*Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this posting, however, I did receive a canvas print of choice to do a product review for.

     Are you looking to add wall murals or canvas prints to your homes?? Then I have the business for you to check out, for all your needs.

     Photowall is a Swedish company that puts their heart and souls into design and the quality of their prints.  They are also a partner to companies, such as, Disney, Moomin Characters, Modesty Blaise and more.  Their canvas prints and wall murals are environmentally friendly and fire retardant. 

     You can check out and contact Photowall here, as well as through:


     What is really nice?? You can choose one of their prints or, you can upload your own image and they will make it into a work of art for you to hang. There are dozens of categories to choose from and I would bet that you will have a hard time selecting one.  I did.  I had it narrowed down to five different ones, then 3, down to 2 and finally chose the one that we received.

     Looking for prints for your kids room? Check out some of these examples:

     Red Fox   Canvas print - Giraffes   

Canvas print - Basketball  Canvas print - Sun and Planets

     Into architecture??

Canvas print - Lighthouse    Canvas print - Cosmic Dock

     Or, how about sports??

Canvas print - Rock Climber  Canvas print - Adrenaline Skiing

     There really are dozens and dozens of categories to choose from and hundreds and hundreds of designs.

     Now to get onto the one that we chose?? 

Canvas print - Jailhouse Rock

     It arrived super quickly and well packaged to insure its safe arrival.

     Hints: Based on the size you get, put it together on a large, hard flat surface.  We didn't have anything big enough and put it together on the bed.  Which, worked just as well, but if you have a large table, I would recommend using that. 

     Arrived safely.  Including a very heavy frame.

     Directions are super easy to follow for assembly, and includes all parts needed to assemble.  NO TOOLS NECESSARY ~ BIG PLUS!!!

     After you peel the tape, attach the print and fold the over, you attach the brackets and tighten the canvas.  So easy, our kiddo was helping with it.

     This is what the back looked like when it was finished.  Everything tight and strong.  

     I need to rearrange some of my pics to get Elvis up on the wall.  Right now he is hanging around on our master bathroom door.

     Our final thoughts on Photowall . . .

     You will not be disappointed with the quality of the product you receive.  The graphics are crisp and it appears in ours that Elvis is going to hip grind right off the canvas and into our home.   It comes with all you need, including the hardware to hang the print up.  Shipping is within 2-3 days in the US and FREE, they have attentive customer service, but check the times as they are listed in Swedish time.  

     Very easy to put it together.  Took all of 15 minutes or so before we had it hanging and as I mentioned, our kiddo helped.

     They have a 14-day return policy and would be perfect for gifting someone.  If you are unsure what print your family member or friend would love, they also offer gift vouchers.

     We love our Elvis print and we are looking into making our first purchase through Photowall for a print for our kiddo's room. 

     Many many many thanks to Christine at Photowall for selecting our blog to participate in doing a product review.   Please, go and check them out for yourselves, you won't be disappointed. 

     *Stock photos belong to PHOTOWALL. 

Friday, February 2, 2018

NCircle Entertainment: The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Season 2, Volume 1 Giveaway

I know that we have some Cat in the Hat fans among our readers.  Find out how you can win your very own copy of the DVD below. 

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! 
Season 2, Volume 1

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! show follows the adventures of 6-year-old best friends, Sally and Nick, as they are whisked off on extraordinary voyages of scientific discovery with the Cat in the Hat. Thanks to the Thinga-ma-jigger and our friends, exploring has never been more exciting!

In this volume, kids will learn the answers to questions like what causes day to change into night, why do we sneeze, and what makes our heart beat. And the discoveries don't end there! We learn about why animal ears come in many shapes and sizes, how different animals carry their babies, who are the fastest creatures in the world, why male crickets chirp, what feathers are used for and so much more! So let's go, go, go, go on an adventure, we're flying with The Cat in the Hat today!

I grew up on Dr. Seuss and The Cat in the Hat, like many of you did.  I love the fact that my kiddo gets to grow up with the same shows/books, etc that I did and she loves The Cat in the Hat and this DVD.  Thanks to NCircle Entertainment, one of you will have the chance to win your very own copy of it.  

Just check out the rafflecopter form below for your chance to enter.  

Many thanks to NCircle Entertainment for allowing Lollipops n' Ladybugs to be a NCircle Entertainment Ambassador and bring our readers all these wonderful shows that both educate and entertain.

Picture and red quoted text belong to NCircle Entertainment.  We received no monetary compensation for this posting, however, we did receive a copy of the DVD for our enjoyment. 

Now, onto the giveaway!!

Open to residents of the US 18+.
Please, only one entrant per household.
Giveaway will end on February 16th at 11:59 p.m. EST
Please only take credit for the tasks you complete.
Winners will have 48 hours to respond to winning email.
Prize fulfillment is by NCircle Entertainment, please allow 6-8 weeks for shipment of prize.