Sunday, December 27, 2009

Elmo Live

First, let me say this is my opinion on this toy. I wasn't paid by the toy makers or anyone for this opinion. This toy was bought by my husband and myself for our little girl for Christmas.

Wow! Elmo live is awesome. My daughter loves Elmo to start with and when I saw a store offering this item at a discounted price with free shipping I knew we just had to get it for her.

Elmo sings, jams, tells stories, plays games, dances and much more. He gets itches that he wants you to scratch and loves to give kisses. He even plays a version of Simon says, which of course is Elmo says. Pressing different spots on Elmo (pressure points) will make him do different things.

One thing to make sure of is to use Elmo on a flat surface or he'll keep falling over (wait till you hear what he says when this happens), and you must get the good batteries. I would recommend the type of batteries that you would use for your digital camera. This way you'll get more "playtime" out of Elmo without having to change the batteries so frequently.

All and all I would recommend this toy. I believe the age is 3 and up, my little girl is not quite 2 and she loves it, but she does have to be watched as she gets a little rough sometimes with it.

Christmas 2009

Last year the little one was to young to really know what was going on, this year she was a bit better and very curious as to what was happening. She didn't really tear into any presents, but had to be coaxed to open up things. I would start opening up an item for her, give her a sneak peak, and then she would rip it the rest of the way open. She got some cute outfits and some toys. She doesn't have any "favorite" toys, but plays with all of the items equally.

She loves her coloring books and crayons and is always jumping up in her Daddy's lap with them in her hand so he'll color with her.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


So, that wasn't the first "good" snowfall. We are in the beginning of a snowstorm that is supposed to drop 4 foot of snow on us in the next 48 hours. The little one isn't impressed, she won't even walk in it. As soon as you set her down on the snow, and she hears it crunch, she freezes and won't budge an inch until someone bends down and picks her up again. I was hoping that she would like the snow (she saw it last year, but was quite young), but apparently that is not going to be the case.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The first "good" snowfall

Been snowing all night and still coming down. I hate to have to venture out in it but I'm going to have to make a post office run in a little while. Its cold and dreary, all the stray/feral cats that we take care of are huddled under the front steps out of the wind and snow. I just fed them and I don't think that they even wanted to come out to get some food in their bellies.