Monday, August 26, 2013

Ultimate Life DVD Prize Pack Giveaway and Exclusive Blog App

Are you living THE ULTIMATE LIFE?

Between the pressure of running a foundation started by his late grandfather, being sued by his greedy extended family, and seeing his beloved Alexia leave on an extended mission trip to Haiti, Jason Stevens' world is unraveling. But when Jason discovers a journal that his grandfather began as a Depression-era lad, his writings transport Jason on an incredible rags-to-riches ride. With everything he loves hanging in the balance, Jason hopes he can discover THE ULTIMATE LIFE.

Opening in theaters September 6, THE ULTIMATE LIFE (the sequel to The Ultimate Gift) reminds us some things are worth more than money!
Looks like a good family movie, a must see!

Do you believe that there are things in life that are worth more than money?!? I know that I do! Are you going to try and catch the film? Opens in theaters on September 6, 2013.

If you have read this far you know that you probably have a chance to win something fabulous that centers around this movie.  So how would you like to win this prize pack:

Well, here is your chance.  Just check out the Exclusive Blog App, take the Do You Live Life To The Fullest quiz, post your results as a blog comment on the blog and then fill out the rafflecopter form and you are ready to go.  

Giveaway is open to residents of the US who are 18+ and will end on September 6, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Please no PO Boxes as the sponsor uses either UPS or FedEx to ship prizes.

Disclaimer: I received absolutely no compensation for this posting, all printed words, excepted for quoted text, are my own.  All other assets were provided by The Ultimate Life. Lollipops n' Ladybugs is not responsible for shipment of the prize. Prizes will be shipped by The Ultimate Life.

Many thanks to PartnersHub and The Ultimate Life for allowing Lollipops n' Ladybugs to participate in this promotion. 

Good luck!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Standing Up! Autographed DVD Giveaway & Blog App For New Anti-Bullying Film

Every day in the news we hear of another bullying case where a victim is seriously injured, killed, or take their own lives to escape the bullying.  

Enough is enough.  This has to stop. We are becoming our own worst enemies.  It is time to be one of the ones that are Standing Up! to take a stand against bullying. A good way to start is to check out this film, watch it with your family, get some inspiration and remember to be Standing Up!
Did you know that more than 160,000 U.S. students stay home from school each day from fear of being bullied?                                                
Based on one of the most beloved Young Adult novels of all time and directed by the acclaimed D.J. Caruso, Standing Up follows two kids who get bullied by a vicious summer camp prank. Left together on an island, their adventure begins once they decide not to be victims and instead they Stand Up! 
Standing Up is an adorable and heart-warming gem of a movie with an important anti-bullying message that’s suitable for the whole family! Get the DVD August 20!
What can be done to help the bullied “stand up” for themselves?
One of the best things we can do to understand the problem and discuss solutions is to be inspired. The movie “Standing Up” is THAT inspiration.
Standing Up! was released on August 20th, 2013.  Do you have your copy yet? 

If not how would you like to win your own autographed copy? Yes? Well, just check out the blog app, do the mandatory entry on the rafflecopter form and you are good to go.  

Everyone should own a copy of this film or at least vow to see the movie.

Don't forget to take the Standing Up! to bullies pledge!!

Disclaimer: I received absolutely no compensation for this post, all words, except for quoted text are my own and were not influenced by any outside source. Many thanks to PartnersHub and Arc Entertainment for allowing us to get this information out to our readers and to offer up a DVD as a prize to one of them.  All information and the prize are being supplied by Arc Entertainment. 

Giveaway will end on August 31, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. est and is open to residents of the US who are 18+. No PO Boxes as sponsor uses either FedEx or UPS for shipment.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, August 19, 2013

Anti Allergen Laundry Detergent Product Review

I have a secret . . .

Okay, it isn't a big, hide from the officials secret, but a secret anyway.  

I have sensitive skin. Really sensitive skin (and sadly, I passed this on to my little one). 

If I get into something that I am not suppose to, I will itch and itch and itch.  I have something going on right now (been going on for months) that is making me itch.  Mainly at night, but I can spend quite a while itching before I fall asleep which causes welts and little pimple like bumps to break out at the spots I've been itching.  All it takes is for me to scratch one spot and pretty soon I am scratching all over. 

I'm one of those individuals who can't be in the sun because I will burn.  Then I will burn on top of that and then again.  No tanning here.

So having sensitive skin has been a lifetime issue for me.  I've gotten use to it.  I'm careful with products that I use, whether it is cleaning products, beauty products or laundry detergent.  

I have used laundry detergent before that claimed they were for sensitive skin to only put something clean on and start itching shortly afterwards.  Took me a long time to find one that I could use that wouldn't cause me to be uncomfortable, or want to tear off my clothes in public, lol.  Okay, not really, but you get my drift on what I'm saying.

So this leads me to my latest product review.  I was excited when I got the opportunity to do a product review for Anti Allergen Laundry Detergent from The Ecology Works.

Description of the product:
. . . . . .hypoallergenic laundry detergent with no dyes and no perfumes, all natural ingredients designed to eliminate all allergens from you clothes. From dust mites to pollen as well as mold and other allergens found in the environment.
Yay! No dyes and no perfumes.  Major plus!! All natural ingredients, plus + .  This product claims to eliminate all those allergens that are found both inside and outside of your home.  You really have to love that.  I can only imagine what I pick up, or what the little one picks up in her clothes when we are out and about.  Or even here.  We have pets and yes, we get some dust balls under the couch, who knows what lives in those.  

So, I was really looking forward to trying out this product and also see if after washing some clothes with it, and then wearing, would I start to itch and have to re-launder my clothes in our normal detergent.

I am happy to report that, no, I did not have to re-do our laundry again.  Truthfully, I was more worried about the itching than I was about the dust mites or other allergens in and outside of the home.  I would guess that it would be really hard to tell if the product got the dust mites or mold or anything like that which happened to be in a clothing article out unless you put the item under the microscope both before and after you did the wash.

I do have to tell you that the laundry detergent really cleaned our clothes. I always worry that products that I use with all natural ingredients won't clean as well as some of the other products. The product is clear with no strong fragrance,  just the aroma of "clean." I used what the directions called for.  Even on my hubby's work stained clothes, the product worked just as good, if not better in spots than what we use now.  I have to admit though that I was a little nervous (he gets really dirty), so I used what was called for and then a little more.  Just to be safe.  This product is also safe for cold water, which is pretty much what I was all our clothes in.

I also plan on checking out some of their other products to use in our home and on our pets. If you go to their site, you can see that they have everything from laundry detergent to dust mite and flea control.  I am always on the look out for products that clean, but do it without incorporating harsh chemicals into the making of the products.  A product that doesn't leave a hospital type aroma to it, you know that "sterile" fragrance that you smell when you enter a hospital.  Yes, it says "hey, we are clean . . ." but I would like to have that clean without that fragrance in my home.

Do you want to check them out?  Again, their site is:  The Ecology Works.  You can also find them on facebook under Ecology Works or on twitter Ecology Works.  

P.S. I also want to add that they have a rocking customer service.  The package that they sent me got lost.  It was showing a delivery day from the delivery company of a certain day and that day came and went and the next few did as well, with no package in site.  So I contacted them and they were able to check in to it for me.  Not sure if the package was just taking the scenic route or pony express here, but it was here within a couple of days after I let them know what was going on.  

That is great customer service, and I appreciated the time they took to look in to it for me.

I would like to take this time to thank Ecology Works for allowing our blog to do a product review for the Anti Allergen Laundry Detergent.  

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post.  However, we did receive a product free of charge so that we could do a proper product review. All words, except for quoted text, are my own and have not been influenced by any outside source.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Corset Top from - Product Review

It isn't everyday that I get to do a product review with an item that makes my husband drop his lunchbox at the door when he sees me in it.

But, that is what happened when I got the chance to do a product review of a Corset Top from I kept this product review a "secret" and then hid it so he wouldn't know what it was until I had a chance to surprise him in it.

Please note, this is NOT ME, but one of the models of the site showing one of their corsets.

The review I did was for the Black Sweetheart Shape Corset which is available on their site for $25.99.  You can see that most of their corsets are all priced pretty reasonably at under $30 each.  

My Review:

For the most part I was really impressed with the corset.  Truthfully, I actually do love it. I only had an issue or two with it, but nothing that can't be overcome with some practice.  

Like any corset, I was expecting that it would be hard to button, but it really wasn't.  I did try to start at the bottom and work up, but the bottom hook would keep coming undone, so I learned quickly to go from top to bottom, which worked very well.  Also, they let you know right up front that these corsets run a little smaller than what your normal size would be, so you should order accordingly.  Swallow your pride ladies (or gents) and order a big size or two up, you'll be glad that you did.  The only issue that I had with that was, I did order about two sizes bigger, but doing that, that means the "chest area" is bigger to, and well, I couldn't fill out the cup, lol. Not since I lost all the weight that I have in the past year.  

But, that is okay, because the corset fit the way it was suppose to fit on the sides and front.  I could breath in it.  It gave me some shape (instead of round, lol) and though at first I thought I looked a little goofy, I did start to think that I looked really good in it.  I plan on wearing it numerous times in the future.

It also came with a bonus of a g-string.  Only problem with ordering the bigger size, the g-string is the bigger size as well, and was way to big for me, so I had to do a little fiddling around with it, but got it to work.  Don't get me wrong, I love that it came with a matching g-string (completes the outfit), but it would be nice if they offered you the chance to order a different size in the g-string, but I can see why they aren't able to as it would probably get quite confusing trying to keep everything straight.

Product Info on one I reviewed:

The corset that I reviewed is available in XS all the way up through 8X, and before you say "oh my gosh, how big that 8x must be" trust me, it won't be, remember they run smaller.  An 8X is the equivalent of a 22 dress size in US measurements.  Swallow the pride and order a size bigger.  You will be glad that you did.  

My corset has the steel busk closures in the front and lace closures in the back (very comfortable). They use lightweight material to make it and it was about 15" long with it cut just a little shorter in back, which helps with the comfort. 

My final opinion is that I really do love this and plan on keeping and wearing it for a long time to come. As for my husband's opinion, well you probably already know how much he liked seeing me in it.  He gives it two thumbs up and pesters me to put it on and model it for him.  So, I think the corset was both for myself and him as he is enjoying seeing me in it as well.

Now that you know one of the items that is available at, why don't you run on over to their site and check them out.  They have everything from Corsets, lingerie, sleepwear, shapewear, shoes, boots, costumes and more.  They offer free shipping on orders over $80 and also have a lot of items on clearance and on sale, and they have everything from the smaller sizes to plus sizes. 

I am sure that you will be able to find something there that you would really love!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this posting, however, I did receive a product free of charge so that I could do a proper product review.  All words spoken are my own and were not influenced by any outside source.

I would like to thank for allowing us to do this product review for their company.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bear Grylls' Get Out Alive! Exclusive Blog App and Giveaway

Would you get out alive?!?
Renowned British explorer and survivalist Bear Grylls is back with the ultimate survival competition, Get Out Alive! Airing Mondays 9/8c on NBC!
In #GetOutAlive, 10 teams of 2 compete to survive in the beautiful New Zealand wilderness with Bear Grylls as their guide. The teams are faced with various survival tasks as they battle the terrain, mountains, gorges, glaciers, rainforests, rivers and rapids. Each week, one team is eliminated, and the last remaining duo will win $500,000!
And most importantly, don’t forget to watch the unmissable #GetOutAlive SEASON FINALE on August 26!

I have been watching his show ever since I came across it! Love the show, so I was curious on whether or not I would get out alive, so I took the quiz and YES I would get out alive, Bear would be so proud!!

So, how about you?

Take the quiz and find out! Post your answer as a blog post and then scroll up and  enter the giveaway on rafflecopter for a very cool Bear Gryll's Bracelet from Gerber!

Are you a Bear Gryll's fan? You can find exclusive merchandise at Walmart::

Rules: Giveaway is open to residents of the US who are 18+ and will end on August 21, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. Please no PO boxes as sponsor uses FedEx or UPS to ship out the prize. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to winning email before a second winner will be picked. Please always check out your spam folders.

Disclaimer: I received absolutely no compensation for the posting of this blog app and giveaway. We are working with NBCUniversal who has supplied all assets for this giveaway and will be shipping the prize to the winner.  Would like to take this opportunity to thank PartnersHub and NBCUniversal for having Lollipops n' Ladybugs participate in this promotion.

All words, excepted for quoted red text are my own and were not influenced by any outside source.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Ozeri WeightMaster Digital Bathroom Scale, with MICROBAN Antimicrobial Product Protection

I rarely talk about this to anyone . . .but here I go.

My name is K and yes I have a weight problem.  As far back as I can remember it's been like this.  But the difference was, I was much more active in my younger years.  Played school sports all the way through high school, played college ball, etc.  So, I was able to keep it sort of in check.

Through adulthood I always remained heavy.  I knew I was heavy, but really didn't do a whole lot to try to change it.

Then about 6 years ago I finally met my "soul mate" and guess what? Yep, it is like we became one.  I ate, what he ate.  Two sandwiches, heck yeah! Ice-cream? Nachos? Oh yes, yes, yes.  Then I got pregnant and my weight was the heaviest it has even been. Though I didn't gain much during pregnancy, afterwards it seemed to stick around and of course I put more and more on.  

So, I knew it was time for a change.  So a little over a year ago I started watching what I was eating and counting points.  The weight (according to my beat up old scale) started to come off.  It is hard to describe the old scale.  It had the dial, it was cracked, I had it taped, it wasn't pretty. 

Then I got the chance to do a review for the Ozeri WeightMaster Digital Bathroom Scale with Microbran Antimicrobial Product Protection.

To me, my friends, this is like the cadillac of bathroom scales.  What a change from my old beat up one. 

A little information from the site on this scale:

The WeightMaster Bath Scale by Ozeri is the first bathroom scale to combine an elegant design, Microban's antimicrobial solution and advanced weight measurement technology. The Ozeri WeightMaster uses 4 of the latest generation G sensors to accurately capture weights in increments of 0.2 pounds or 0.1 kilograms. The Ozeri WeightMaster features the industry's largest blue-backlit LCD with xBright technology for easy-to-read results from afar, and utilizes ultra ABS slip-resistant material on the outside with impact-resistant tempered glass on the inside. Whether your goals are weight loss or muscle gain, the Ozeri WeightMaster Bath Scale features the latest generation of StepOn technology to display your body weight upon stepping onto the scale, with no tapping required. It also turns off automatically to conserve battery power, and runs on 2 AAA batteries (included). Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed. 
Product Dimensions:  13.5 x  1 x 14" and weighs in at just 4.7 pounds.  

My Opinion:

Well, this is a big STEP UP from what I was using.  I loved how as soon as you step on the scale you get your weight, and you get an accurate weight.   I have actually stepped on scales likes this in the past 5 times in a row, one right after another, and got different weights at least 3 of the 5 times.  On this one, I didn't.  The weight was the same each time.  The number is easy to read.  No squinting. 

It is sleek and easy to store.  Only 4.7 pounds and you can see from the pictures of how thin it is.  You can stand it up and fit it into tight spaces to store it away until you want to use it again.  Fits pretty much anywhere. Have mine stored behind the bathroom door, but I have had it in the little cabinet under the sink and it fits in there perfectly as well.

Plus, finally a bathroom scale that fights bacteria on the surface.  I have to admit that I never really thought about how many yuckies could have been on my scale surface. But from what I'm reading the bacteria on the surface can double every 20 minutes. Let me be the first to say "ewwwwww." Step on it with wet feet, yuckies get added, the kiddo steps on it after being outside, more yuck added. The Microban Antimicrobial protection fights that, and it fights it for the lifetime of the scale. 

I absolutely love it and will continue to use it as I am on my "lets take better care of myself" journey that I have been on for the past year and a half or so.  The product appears to be very durable and I think will last a long long time.  Just have to replace the batteries every now and again.  By the way: it comes with batteries to begin with (and also automatically shuts itself off when you step off of it to save the battery life), so no hunting for those double A's the first time you want to use this scale.

I truly recommend this scale if you are in the market to purchase a new scale.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these scales you can slide right over to Amazon at Ozeri Weightmaster and check it out.  Have a pretty good sale price on it right now, less than $30, regular $49.99 and you can get free shipping.

Disclaimer: I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful folks at Ozeri for allowing us to do a product review of this Digital Bathroom Scale.  I received absolutely no monetary compensation for this post, however, I did receive a product free of charge so that I could do a proper product review.

All words, except quoted red text, are my own and were not influenced by any outside source. 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.