Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Burger King's New Chicken Tenders

If you haven't checked out the new chicken tenders at Burger King then you really must give them a try.  I was so use to going there and seeing those tenders shaped like "crowns" that I was hoping when we ordered these that they wouldn't be that shape. 

I had received a Burger King Crown card thanks to another blogger, Michelle's Little World, who submitted my information for me when BK was looking for bloggers to try their new tenders.

I have to tell you that these are wonderful and reasonably priced.  We got two, yes I said two, 20 piece boxes at $4.99 each, and each one came with 4 dipping sauces.  Thankfully, we decided on the two 20 piece boxes because they were gone in no time flat.

We loved them.  The little one loved them.  They tasted like real chicken and not like processed parts.  Just the right amount of spices and breading.  Typing this now makes me want to head on out and get more.

As I said you must try these.  I know some don't like fast food, but if you do, really head on out to your local BK and give them a try.  They are for everyone.  Chicken tenders for grown-ups and little ones alike.


I did receive a Burger King Crown gift card to try these new tenders.  But this review is my own personal opinion and was no way influenced by anyone.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

To everyone!



Have a safe and wonderful day with your friends and families.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It is funny, really.  Ever since I have mentioned homeschooling my little one (which unofficially has been going on since Day 1) people look at me like I have two heads.  Really, they do.

The first thing I always hear is: "Why would you do that to her? If  you homeschool her she will be anti-social, a loner with no friends."

Homeschooling in my area doesn't seem prevalent, but trust me, I will find a support group and homeschooling friends.  My daughter won't be a loner.  She will experience life.  What is a better teaching tool then heading out into the real world and learning.  She will get much more experience then sitting in a classroom with 30 out students and reading out of a text.  Learning will be a fun experience. We will learn new things together, and I look forward to being able to experience things with her.

There is also 4-H, swimming, gymnastics, field trips, group play dates, group functions/picnics and many other projects that homeschooling kids participate in.

I also hear "are you qualified, you aren't a teacher."  Well in my state you have to be competent to homeschool.  The state also will receive reports on where she is.  At this point, she is already ahead of kids that are a couple of years older then she is.  She can count to 25, knows her ABC's, colors, shapes, and can even count to ten in Spanish.  But as for being qualified, yes, I am qualified.  If it went on education, yes, I have college degrees, and I also have a degree in Early Education, and I am willing to teach my child and show her love and patience in her learning process.  For this, I believe I am well qualified.

Husband is almost on board.  He wants to wait and see how the Pre-K goes I believe, but family members aren't so much.  They are questioning me on it and believe that I'm going to ruin her for life.  They have managed to put doubts in my head on occasion, and doubt my ability to do this, but after reading:

The First Year Of Homeschooling Your Child by Linda Dobson

I am more then certain that I want to do this.

I will be there when she gets that experiment, when her science project does what it is suppose to do.  When she gets a new math concept or learns new words.  Her joy will be my joy.

Also, I have found many online support groups for homeschooling.  Do you know that there are hundreds of blogs out there where families talk about their homeschooling? There are facebook pages.  Forums.  Groups.  Plus, I have a good friend that lives a few hours from here that has been my sounding board. She and her husband have been homeschooling for a few years now and she has been wonderful in answering my questions and putting up with my "what ifs?"  Thank you for that Kari. 

So, yes world! I'm going to homeschool my child. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sodastream Product Review

First, just let me say, WOW!

When I contacted Sodastream about doing a product review, never in my thought process would I believe that they would send me what they did.  We are definitely hooked up for some yummy drinks for a long time coming.

The package arrived almost 2 weeks ago but I haven't been able to get to doing the review because of an illness.  I wanted to make sure that my taste buds were working at almost 100% so that I could give the flavors that we tried a fair shake.

This is what arrived:

(1) Sodastream machine with CO2 canister and two bottles.

Then all the flavors of soda/drinks.

(1) Cola Free
(1) Green Tea Pomegranate Peach
(1) Gingerale
(1) Energy
(1) Diet Lemon Lime
(1) Diet Pink Grapefruit
(1) Cranberry Raspberry
(1) Rootbeer
(1) My water.

Each bottle of flavoring is equivalent to (33) 12 ounce cans of soda.

Here is the breakdown for the nutritional value/calories, etc in comparison to other well-known soda makers:


There are many different types of flavors, please click the links to see which flavors are offered by Sodastream:

Regular Flavors
Diet Flavors
Energy Drinks
My Water
Sparkling Naturals
Sparkling Water
Sparkling Teas

My Review:

We drink a lot of soda.  We know we shouldn't, but there are times when water just doesn't do the trick and you must have a soda.

In comparing the prices of a bottle of soda and a bottle of Sodastream drinks, Sodastream comes out way ahead as it works out to .25 cents per 12 oz drink.  Where can you get a can of soda for .25 cents nowadays?  Plus, no .05 cent bottle deposit.

Also, this is so good for the environment.  There are no bottles to rinse and take back.  No plastics to recycle.  No six pack holders clogging up the landfills. 

With Sodastream, you make it as you want it which means it doesn't go flat.  How many times have you bought a 2 liter bottle of soda, had a glass out of it, only to go back the next day to get another glass and the soda is flat.  With the Sodastream, you are able to make as much as you want.

We tried two flavors last night.  One of our favorites (Rootbeer) and one that we weren't so sure on (Cranberry Raspberry).

Very simple to make.  We poured spring water into the bottle that is included, inserted it into the machine and hit the button for 3 quick spurts to add the carbonation.  Then you carefully remove the bottle and add a capfull of the syrup that you want, put on bottle cap and gently shake.  Open and enjoy. 

The first time, I didn't add enough of the syrup and it wasn't a pleasant taste.  Then I re-read the directions and realized that you had to add a capfull for a full bottle. 

The Cranberry Raspberry, though not a bad flavor, really isn't for us.  Not that it had a horrible taste, it just was sweet.  A plus for it was that there was no aftertaste.  If someone likes fruity type mixtures they would probably really enjoy this.  I do believe that on a hot summer day, this flavor would be refreshing.

Then we tried the Rootbeer syrup.  Again, a little sweet, but it was good.  No aftertaste. But both had just the right amount of carbonation.  I do believe that both would have been much tastier if we used ice-cold water.  Though it was cold, it wasn't ice-cold.

When I had some today, both products were still well carbonated (yay, no flat soda) and were a lot better after being in the refrigerator all night long.

As for clean-up.  Easy peasy.  Put the caps back on the syrup bottles, take out the CO2 container, wipe off the machine, and put away.  When your two containers are empty, just clean and reuse.

I am sure that almost anyone would be able to use this.  The directions to follow were very easy, and within minutes we had drinks in our hands. 

As for finding refills for your CO2 container or flavors they are easy to find with the use of the website.  I found that I can get the CO2 container refilled a short distance from here and another store sells the syrups.  How easy is that?

You can find stores (like Sears, etc) that carry the Sodastream products by using this link:

Where to find

I can't wait to finish up the two mixtures that we made last night so that we can try the numerous other flavors.  I think the Cola and the Gingerale are calling my name for the next ones.  Or, maybe after chasing after a 3 year old all day long making the Energy one would give me that much needed boost.

I would like to thank Sodastream for giving me the opportunity to do this wonderful product review.  They are truly a wonderful company to work with.

*All opinions in this product review are my own.  I received no compensation for my opinions though I did receive was is listed so that I could do a proper product review.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Curves Chiller Tote Giveaway (Ends May 27th, 2011 @ 3:00 p.m. est)


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May 26, 2011 8:41 AM

The winner of this giveaway has been emailed. 

Thank you everyone for participating.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!


If you are like me then you like to pack little snacks when you are going on a roadtrip.  Munchies to keep handy so you aren't stopping every 30 minutes.  Healthy snacks, unhealthly snacks, doesn't matter you must have them within arms reach when you are on a roadtrip. 

Sometimes you will have a big cooler filled of yummy things and other times just a smaller one to keep things either cold or warm.

I have also found that even when I'm just running errands it is nice to have some snacks on hand for the little one.  Whether it be a juice box or some apples and bananas, its a necessity and can stop a temper tantrum because of hunger pains in its track.

One cooler or in this case "chiller" bag I have used is the Curves Chiller Tote.  No, I don't belong to Curves, but have used their products numerous times in the past. There products have always tested well with me, they are reliable and solid.

This is the chiller bag that I use:

I love it, it is handy to grab and fill with snacks.  It keeps your cold food chilled and your warm food heated.  It is 8" x 4" x 8 1/2".  The perfect size for errand running.

Now it is your chance to win a brand new Curves Chiller Tote.

Mandatory Entry

Comment on what your favorite "on the go snack" is (1 entry)?

Optional Extra Entries:

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You will never be spammed by Lollipops n' Ladybugs because that is how we roll.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Product Reviews Coming Very Soon (Teaser Post)

I was lucky enough to be chosen to do two product reviews which I am very happy about.

The first one is to try the new Chicken Tenders at Burger King .  Just click on the link and a picture of the new tenders pops right up at you.  If I could, I'd be heading there right now to get me some tenders.

Secondly, and wow on this one.  I was chosen by Soda Stream for a product review as well.  I can't believe what they sent.  I'm impressed and can't wait to try all the flavors.

Keep checking back for my reviews.

Okay, I really want Chicken Tenders right now.  Who is with me?

Memorable Quotes

Do not bite at the bait of pleasure till you know there is no hook beneath it. ~ Thomas Jefferson

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony. ~ Mahatma Ghandi

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Cleaning (still??)

Are you still spring cleaning?

I have to admit that I never really started like I wanted to, now here it is May and I still have a list of things that I want to get done that is as long as my arm.  Okay, it is not quite that long, but you get the idea. 

I've been procrastinating, badly!

I wanted to paint the living room.  Not done.

I wanted to do something with these floors.  Not done.

And the list goes on and on.

But the one "job" that I really hate having to do after winter is over?

Picking up rocks off the lawn from the snow blower/plow.  Maybe its my bad back and bending down, standing up, bending down, I just really don't like to do it.

This year was different though. 


Because I have a toddler who absolutely loves picking up rocks.

So, bright and early we were out there this morning filling up our buckets with rocks.  It was a game to her.  Up and down the sides of the driveway we walked and I think we got the big ones and lots of the small ones out of there.

Time will only tell.  Or, when the first lawn mowing happens.  After the lawn dries out from days of rain that we have had.  But that might be a while yet as they are calling for more rain this week.

What is your least favorite spring cleaning job?

Have a wonderful Sunday, my friends.