Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Burger King's New Chicken Tenders

If you haven't checked out the new chicken tenders at Burger King then you really must give them a try.  I was so use to going there and seeing those tenders shaped like "crowns" that I was hoping when we ordered these that they wouldn't be that shape. 

I had received a Burger King Crown card thanks to another blogger, Michelle's Little World, who submitted my information for me when BK was looking for bloggers to try their new tenders.

I have to tell you that these are wonderful and reasonably priced.  We got two, yes I said two, 20 piece boxes at $4.99 each, and each one came with 4 dipping sauces.  Thankfully, we decided on the two 20 piece boxes because they were gone in no time flat.

We loved them.  The little one loved them.  They tasted like real chicken and not like processed parts.  Just the right amount of spices and breading.  Typing this now makes me want to head on out and get more.

As I said you must try these.  I know some don't like fast food, but if you do, really head on out to your local BK and give them a try.  They are for everyone.  Chicken tenders for grown-ups and little ones alike.


I did receive a Burger King Crown gift card to try these new tenders.  But this review is my own personal opinion and was no way influenced by anyone.


Virginia said...

Thanks for the heads up. I tried BK's chicken nuggets many, many years ago and decided that I like McDonald better...but theirs have gotten so greasy now (not to mention that they now charge extra for any sauces, and or condiments) I will be trying the BK chicken nuggets now!

Nice tip!
Thanks again,

buzzd said...

These look good, I need to try them.