Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Snacks for your toddlers

Looking for snack ideas for your on the move toddler, I have used some of the following. Remember to never give your toddler anything small/hard/slippery to eat. Always make sure foods/snacks are cut up to the appropriate size for your little one.

1. Low fat string cheese. We buy ours at Sam's Club. I think they are about $7 for a family size package (48 pieces), compared to paying $3 or more for 12 ounces in a store.

2. Grapes. My little one loves grapes. I cut them up into quarters for her. Takes a bit of time but since she loves them I'm willing to do it. Never give your toddler a whole grape, they can choke on them if not chewed properly.

3. Bananas. I have also gotten the small baby bananas as well. She loves them either way.

4. Yogurt is great to keep on hand.

5. Crackers with cheese or peanut butter.

6. Watermelon, strawberries or cantaloupe. Again, I cut these up into bite size pieces for her.

7. Cereal, yes cereal. Easy to grab a handful of cheerios or rice crispies for her to munch on.

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