Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Early Mornings

Though I don't like being up this early in the morning, this seems to be the time that I can get some "me" time. Husband is sleeping as is the baby (who is the one that woke me up in the first place wanting a drink). The only noises I hear are the cats and dog walking across the floor waiting on their breakfasts. Okay, so they are pacing across the floor, and they are losing their patience with me. They sit and stare and when I don't pay attention to them one of the cats will come over and rub up against my leg as if saying "hello momma, feed us now, please and thank you." The only other noise is the constant ticking of the clock that is to my left.

Yes, the peaceful times. Now where did I put that can opener so I will stop getting stared at.

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