Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wow, the words are starting to flow now

Em has always been "talkative" but rarely understood. The words are really starting to flow for her now. She's been saying momma and dada for a long time, now it is mommy and daddy and her new words this week have been puppy and fishy. She also understands Grandpa. When she saw a picture of Dad that I have, she pointed at it and said "Poppa?" So, instead of calling Dad Grandpa, she is probably going to call him Poppa.

Her favorite thing to do is make the sounds that animals make. We didn't even know that she knew the sound that a cow made until we asked her and she replied, "moooooo." She must have picked it up watching Elmo. A funny thing is, if you ask her what sound a kitty makes she will "meow" but ask her what sound Frankie (our cat) makes and she "hisses." Because that is all she has known from him, he is always hissing. Its cute to hear her do it.

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buzzd said...

Aww...she is so cute. Isn't it fun when they start putting things together like that? She is becoming a big girl.