Tuesday, February 23, 2010

30 Years Ago Yesterday

was the "Miracle On Ice." WOW!! Where does the time go?? I mentioned this to my Pops and he said, and I quote: "it wasn't that long ago . . . . . was it??" Yes, it was. 30 years!! Think of all the things that have happened in this 30 year time frame. All the progresses that have been made and even the steps back we have taken. 30 years!! Do you remember where you were?? Were you born at that time?? I was a youngster, but this is one of the vivid memories that I have from then.

Now here we are again with the Olympics in full-swing. Not sure if it would be considered another "miracle," as I don't believe you can compare the hockey team from today to the hockey team of then. But, the US hockey team is playing with heart and have just upset the Canadian hockey team, anything is possible.

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