Saturday, April 10, 2010

Missing Comments from FGF

Okay blogger, what did you do with my comments that I received for yesterdays FGF?? They were there, and now it reads zero. I apologize to Kim and Anne because they were their comments and somehow they got deleted. Weird.

I just want to thank you ladies for stopping by.

ETA: Now it has gotten weirder. It is reading 0 comments, but when you click on comments, they are both there.


Anne said...

Just saw that the comments are there. What's going on with Blogger?? So weird. ;) Hope you had a nice weekend!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

The comment were there at 1:09 central time.

Blogger is a crazy thing and acts up all of the time. Two times last week after I would leave a comment it would say that blogger had dificulties. So I would write another comment. Then BOTH comments would be published!

Karen said...

Thanks ladies. I was thinking ~ gee, I hope they don't think I hit the reject button, lol. It took about 24 hours but the number of comments went from Zero to 2.

Probably just a blogger hiccup.