Friday, May 28, 2010

Gorton's Crunchy Breaded Fish Fillets

Yes, I know. Fish fillets. Processed. Parts of unknown fish and who knows what else. Yuck.

So, not the case with Gorton's.

I have never been a fish fan. I've tried many types and they all just came across as mushy, and well, fishy. Don't even get me started on "fresh" fish. That I haven't been able to even come close to eating.

I happened to stumble across the Gorton's product and picked up a package, and I can say that I was pleasantly surprised. They have a great flavor that didn't linger in your mouth long after eating them, and with baking in the oven they came out very crunchy.

Even my little one loved them.

They are the perfect size. You get two pieces per serving. Yes, there is quite a bit of sodium (500 mg per serving) in them, but then you look and see the Omega-3 fatty acids, potassium levels, the trans-fats levels, which is zero, and the calories from fat which are all in the great range.

So, since I was enjoying their product, I decided to do a little more research on them.

Did you know:

Gorton's has been around for well over 100 years?

Or, that they have a Research and Development Center where a product must pass more then 50 quality checkpoints? Truly, how many business do that? Products are even checked for any "illegal antibiotics and chemicals," and if found those products don't make it out to the customer.

It appears to me that Gorton's is looking out for the consumer and not just to cover themselves. Oh, and of course, right on the bag it says if you aren't happy with their product they will be more then happy to help you out, just give them a call.

You should really try out one of their products and see what you think.

They have quite a selection:

You can get everything from fish sticks, to crunchy fillets, to grilled fillets and all natural fillets and even shrimp. Of course there are many more products to choose from.

Here is their website if you are curious about them:



This review is my own opinion. It was done on a product that I specifically purchased and I did not receive any compensation or products from Gorton's.


Cheeseboy said...

I am always looking for a different fish stick brand. Haven't found a good one yet. Will give them a try...

Mommy on the Spot said...

I love fish sticks and i love love love fish and chips! But my daughter can't have fish. sigh. But BC (Before Children), I used to eat a lot of Gordons. Loved their fillets and sticks!!

Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

I LOVE Gorton's fish!!! I stock up when it's on sale! YUM!

Karen said...

They are the best by far that I have tried. One of the local stores bought so much of the big bags (the 10 in a bag) that they marked them down to $2.99 a bag from $6.99 a bag and I bought 6 bags of them, lol. Only wish I had coupons for them as well.

Hubby likes shrimp (which I can't eat either) so might have to pick up a bag for him of those.

buzzd said...

I really like Gorton's. I tried the Tilapia and it is good.