Thursday, June 24, 2010

There is a whole lotta shaking going on

Some you of may have heard that certain states yesterday felt tremors from an earthquake in Canada. I believe it was somewhere between Ottawa and Ontario, and it registered a 5.5 (I have also heard that it was a 5.7).

Hubby, before he left to run an errand, stepped outside, turned around and asked me if it was thundering out? I said that I did not think so.

Shortly after he left. Things on the desk started shaking.

Things on the entertainment center started shaking.

Sid the cat, well, he started shaking.

Then he started running through the house like a madman high on caffeine.

Em on the other hand, didn't feel anything. Why?!? Because she was to busy make her own tremors by jumping up and down on our bed.

With my best guesstimating I would say that it lasted somewhere around 15 seconds here.

It was quite the news story here, as these don't happen very often in our neck of the woods.

I put up with the snow so I don't have to handle (okay, freak out) earthquakes, tornados (we have had some recent warnings with them) or hurricanes.

I guess old Mother Nature is really starting to get ticked off about what is going on in the world.

I just hope that everyone where the epicenter was is safe and secure.

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