Monday, August 2, 2010

Meet Me On Monday

Over the weekend I stumbled upon another wonderful blog that is run by Java. On Mondays she has a way for blogger (and non blogger)peeps to get together to learn a little bit about each other by responding to 5 questions and then linking your blog up, and I am happy to participate in this.

Do you want to check it out as well?? Sure you do, just click here, its easy and painless:

What is your favorite holiday?

My favorite holiday growing up and into adulthood was Christmas. I just loved the peaceful feeling of it, the spending time with family, helping out others when I could. Then we lost Mom right before Christmas and it became the most dreaded one for me. I didn't look forward to it and was unable to get into the holiday spirit.

Then along came my little girl a couple of years ago and she has brought the Christmas spirit back into me. Watching her eyes light up at the tree and seeing what Santa brought her, makes me smile.

What color clothing do you wear the most?

I tend to wear lighter shades of blue, green (love all shades of green), white, and peach. Like to wear light color clothes in the heart of summer here.

What is your heritage?

My family heritage is German.

What is your middle name?

It is just D. Easy to remember.

What is your favorite cookie?

Oh dang, I love, absolutely love, right out of the oven, melt in your mouth, chocolate chip cookies. When you bite into them the chocolate drizzles all over the place. Peanut butter cookies come in second, they are yummy as well (and also my husband's favorite.

Thanks again Java for hosting this and inviting me to join in.


Christie O. said...

Hi! Following you from MBC! LOVE hot straight out of the oven cookies. LOVE! I'm hungry. :)
Christie O.

doughraisingmom said...

Meet me on Monday sounds like fun. It holds so much more than simply clicking someones follow button and nothing more. Thanks for letting us know about this. Have a wonderful day. Grace

Bizee Mama said...

Hi there! Enjoyed your blog... following through MBC/Simply Follow.

Thanks to do the same! :]
Bizee Mama
aka Kimberly

FrugalMom said...

Hi There,
I’m stopping by from Meet Me on Monday, and I am your latest follower.

I wear blues too.

I would love it, if you would come join me at Follow Us Monday Morning .

Kathleen said...

Stopping by to follow you. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. You are so colorful in your clothing choices. I wear mostly black LOL.

Anonymous said...

Those two cookies are close to the top of my list too that is why peanut butter choc. chip is #1! Lol. You get the best of both! Have a fantastic week!

Anonymous said...

Stopping by to say Hi!.

I'm your newest follower.

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Have a nice day.

PS. From; Follow Me Monday and Meeet Me on Monday.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I usually bake cookies once a week, but stop in the summer. Now I need to make some chocolate chip!!!

Anonymous said...

As a red-head, I use to wear LOTS of navy blue but now I don't let my hair color stand in my way from wearing gasp red, even pink at times. My closet is full of black for some reason this summer though. lol I follow you through MBC. Follow me at Thanks, Cindy :)