Saturday, September 11, 2010

What are your favorite FALL activities with your kids?

My little one is still a bit young to come up with lots of things to do, but I'm looking forward to starting family traditions with fall activities.

I remember every year our folks packing us in the vehicle and heading to the orchard for apple picking. I swear we did more apple eating then we did picking, but it was lots of fun. Climbing trees. Drinking warm apple cider with those apple cider donuts. Brings back lots of memories.

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Mama Hill said...

My boys are finally getting to where they can enjoy things like the park, etc. more! It's such a great time! Here in Austin we have a zoo (more like a rescue) and they have a petting zoo. The boys love it! We also have a few friends with chickens...yes, they live downtown and have chickens...they love to watch them and feed them! Happy fall!