Monday, November 8, 2010

Do the Holidays come earlier and earlier every year?

I know that it is not possible for this to happen.

But . . .

Every year, it appears that it does.  I was in numerous stores that had their Christmas decorations out before Halloween even made an appearance.  They had their Halloween decorations out in August.  I also know that the day after Christmas we will start to see Valentines day cards and candy.

Every day I cruise eBay and as soon as I sign on I see the countdown to how many days left until Christmas.  It is a reminder, a taunt, like a 3 year old child sticking his/her tongue out and saying "na na na na na na" you only have this many more days till Christmas.  Holiday music now plays in most every store, which I would guess to get you into the holiday spirit.  I wonder if studies have been done that would show that people buy more gifts or unnecessary gadgets when they are bombarded with holiday music?

Don't get me wrong. It is my favorite time of the year.  I have many good memories of waking up on Christmas morning and seeing the tree lit up and the gifts that Santa brought under it.  I remember sitting there cross-legged on the floor with my brothers, just staring at the packages trying to guess what was in them  because we weren't allowed to touch anything until Mom had her first cup of coffee.

Almost 6 years ago we lost Mom right about Christmas time and I never thought that I would look forward to the holiday again. But then you have your own family and though my little one is a little to young to understand the traditions that we have started will add more good memories to help ease the bad ones that have crept in.  I know Mom would want us to create more memories and to add to the family traditions that we had growing up.

I know one that will be carried on ~ "put that present down until Mama has had her first cup of coffee."

By the way my friends: you have 47 days until Christmas.


beachbaby said...

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Raven In A Blue Room said...

wasn't it always a thumb rule to decorate for the next holiday or selling occasion once one was over?

here is USA you have back-to-school --- halloween --- thanksgiving --- christmas

back in Germany there was a big void between back to school and Christmas --- so we had the ginger bread sales start in september (still shaking head)