Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Springtime and outdoor fun

Do you believe that we are already into March?!?  Do you know what that means?!? Yes, spring is right around the corner.  Of course, it has come in like a lamb so it will probably go out like a lion and we will get more snow, but never fear it will be here soon enough.

One of my "goals" this spring is to scope out some backyard swing sets for my little girl to play on and make a purchase.  We went to the park last year a couple of times and she really enjoyed a few of the rides, and now that she is older I'm sure she would love having one right in her own backyard to play on whenever she wanted to during the day.

I can  picture her sitting on a teeter totter with her father on the other end and she's tying to get him off the ground.  I can hear her giggling as she is sliding down the slide.  I want her to have the same enjoyment that I did as a youngster with my own swing set. There is a story about mine, and how it ended up on the roof of a  mom and pop store in our town, thanks to Mom and her friends, but that is a blog post for another time.

Like I said, spring is almost here, and it is my favorite time of year, right behind fall. It is almost time to get outside and stretch out and brush off the cobwebs of cabin fever.  There is nothing that makes you say good-bye to cabin fever then going outside, hearing the robins chirping and taking a nice deep breath of the clean air. I can't wait till we can open up the windows, let the clean air blow on through, and of course get a very ambitious toddler outside playing. Or, after putting the little one down for the night hubby and I grabbing a blanket and heading outside and watching for falling stars.

What do you do in the spring to shake the cabin fever cobwebs off?

We won't mention that with spring you have the springtime outdoor fun, but you also have the dreaded spring cleaning as well.

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