Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Tuesday Evening Thoughts

* I really can't believe that blogger hasn't figured out the GFC problem yet?  I'd like to "see" my followers.  It looks like I have zero.

* My poor kitty is now being tormented by the hummingbirds.  Even if he is laying on the couch on the other side of the room from the feeder, they will go around to the window that is behind him and buzz around.

* The laundromat, not as fun as people make it out to be, lol.  Okay, I've been before, but never with a toddler.

* Will Jr. win a race this year? So close the past two races. 

* Why do the price of Oreos keep going up, but the package size keep shrinking? Okay, you can pretty much say that about anything in the stores nowadays.

* Sitting outside and just relaxing at night (with hubby), after the little one has gone to bed is really nice. 


Cheeseboy said...

I can see your followers and your count. What browser are you using? I haven't had any problems with mine since the great blogger crash of '11.

Love me some oreos!

Karen said...

Thanks Cheese dude. I use IE and I can't see them, or anyone else's either. Its just an empty spot. If I go to comment on someone's blog I have to use the name/url box as I can't sign in to post, even though on my blog I am signed in.

Karen said...

So aparently it is an IE thing. I just downloaded Mozilla and I can see everything. Going to be a pain in the butt to switch browsers. Wonder if I update to IE 8 or if my flash is out of date if it'll work.