Tuesday, November 22, 2011

K'NEX Under The Sea Product Review

I once again was able to do a product review from K'Nex and once again I was surprised by the quality and the fun aspect of it for my little one.

This time I was sent the: Under The Sea Friends Building Set

From the site:

Your child can have a blast exploring the ocean with his fantastical undersea friends! With 48 building pieces including blocks, rods, connectors, personality parts, and NEW KID'NEX figures, your child can simultaneously build two giant fish, a scuba diver, swimmer, and other underwater attractions. Building set comes in easily portable box with handle so that you can take the fun with you! Encourage your child's imagination with ten suggested alternate builds.
  • 48 KID K'NEX pieces including blocks, rods, connectors, personality parts, and NEW scuba diver/swimmer figures.
  • Perfect well-rounded building and playing experience for kids ages 3+
  • Includes ideas for ten alternate builds.

She had been waiting patiently since the box arrived to crack it open and get to playing.  I was impressed by her self-control not to just rip the box open. :-)

My thoughts:

As you can see from the above pieces that they are good size and easy for little fingers to grasp.  She was able to snap them together without much assistance or interference from Mom.

I found that this toy allowed her to play on her own and I just had to snap the pictures.  She wasn't able to follow completely along with the directions/suggestions on what to build, she was close on them, but sometimes chose the wrong size, but with a little assistance from me she was able to create replicas of what was on the box and in the direction sheet that is included with the toy. 

She really loved the toy and continues to play with the pieces, I love the fact that it is easy clean-up (only 48 pieces), easy for the little ones to play with, some of the pieces are flexible which makes them easier to use, all around this toy is just plain fun. 

I believe her favorite parts were the new Kid'Nex figures, as she seems to be carrying one of them with her where ever we go now.

On the box it states for children 3+, but I found, which is the one thing that wasn't tops for me, that a few of the pieces are smaller and do present a choking hazard (which by the way is pointed out both on the website and the box).  Even my little one still likes to stick things in her mouth, so when they have the little pieces in their hands, they should really be watched.

All and all, I believe K'Nex has hit a home run with this toy.  My little girl loved it. It lets a child's imagination run wild, and lets them create on their own. It is reasonably priced, so if you start losing pieces, you can easily replace them.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank K'Nex again for allowing me to do this product review for them. 

If you want to check them out (and I know you do), you can go to their website or you can find them on facebook (stop by and say hi to them and check them out).

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this product review.  All words written (except for the above quote, which was credited to K'Nex) are my own.  I did, however, receive the above mentioned product so that we (my little one and I) could do a proper product review.

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