Thursday, March 1, 2012

Winter Weather

This winter has been weird.  Yes, I said it, weird. 

It get cold.

It snows.

It warms up a bit.

It rains.

Then sleet.  Then freezing rain.  Then snow. 

Then rain again.

Today it is suppose to be snowing right now (as I type this).

It isn't.

Its is cloudy.  It has been freezing rain/sleeting/raining. 

At least the little one has been able to play in the snow a few times this year.  I wonder what this summer is going to bring with this whacked out winter we have had.  Is it going to be cooler and rainy? Or, is it going to be so hot that you won't want to leave an air conditioned building?

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buzzd said...

It is super warm here in GA like 70 degrees. Now thunderstorms are on the way. We have not had any ice storms like we usually do. Wondering if winter will show up this month right after the trees start blooming.