Thursday, October 24, 2013

What I have been up to lately?


I noticed that lately my posts have all centered around giveaways and reviews.  When I started this blog, I wanted that to be part of it, but I mainly wanted to just chat.  Talk about things that are happening, things of interest, ideas, tips, suggestions, savings, coupons, freebies, etc.

But, I have leaned towards giveaways quite frequently. Don't get me wrong, I love to giveaway items to you all.  I have some great sponsors that I have worked with quite a few times and I really love to make people smile. Some folks are so happy when they respond with their information after they win a giveaway. Doesn't matter if it is for a DVD, a gift code, or a toy. Making you all smile, makes me smile. 

So, as I sit here drinking a cup of coffee on this chilly fall day, I thought that I would share a thing or two on what has been happening. Hope that is okay? 

The weather has changed and for the most part all the leaves (which were so brightly colored not that long ago) are now off the trees. Not to far from here they are getting hit with a pretty good fall snow storm. Last count they had 4" and it was still coming down. We are suppose to get some tomorrow night ourselves. Typical weather for our area. We have had snow in October for the past few years and have had snow right up through Mother's Day. I don't mind the snow. Love the first snowfalls, it is so pretty. It is the bitter cold that I can do without.

What else? Well, in all my years of being a pet owner (both indoors and outdoor pets) I have never had one of our pets get a tick. Just a few short days ago, the puppy had a big one on his ear. Looked like it had been feeding for a while. The ticks in the area are really bad (but the cold should take care of that) and in our area they say over 1/2 of the ticks carry Lyme Disease, amongst other things. Because the puppy sleeps with us, I went through and washed all the bedding on the beds in hot water and hung everything out. 

But, you guessed it, a day later, I had a tick that had gotten on me and was feeding in my back. Lucky me. No, I did not remove the tick the correct way because my only goal as to seeing it was to get it off my back as soon as possible. With thoughts of Lyme Disease and other things now going through my head, my doctor (who was busy and couldn't get me in) advised that I go to an Urgent Care place right away as you don't want to mess with a tick bite and the head was still where it shouldn't have been. After getting there, the doctor was not able to remove all the head, not sure why, don't want to know why, but assured me that the medication that they put me on will push it out and stop any infection or Lyme Disease.

Which leads me to the meds . . .this isn't your typical antibiotic, this one is nasty. Its actually made me sick to stop me from getting sick and I still have a week or so left that I have to take yet. But as long as it does its job, I will tolerate the yucky feeling that I have.

So, that has been what my last few days have been like.

How are all of you?

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