Monday, June 9, 2014

Disney Book Group ~ Book Review of FROZEN ~ READ ALONG Storybook and CD

Disclaimer: We received the following book from the Disney Book Group, free of charge, to do an honest review on.

If you have been anywhere on the planet since late last year you have heard of the movie FROZEN! Yes, FROZEN from Disney. I'm pretty sure I have seen or at least heard it about 150 times since we bought the DVD for the kiddo.

Well to go with the movie, there are books! Actually quite a few books and this is one of the ones that we received to do a review on. 

Disney FROZEN Read-Along Storybook and CD

This book has become an absolute favorite of the kiddos. As you can see from the pictures, the CD is missing (see the little CD window?). Well, it isn't missing. It is in the CD player and has been in there on a daily basis. So much easier leaving it in there on and off then taking the chance of it getting scratched up going in and out of the CD player.

She loves following along as the story is told. It is really the whole movie in a few dozen pages. The shortened version, so to speak. 

Very easy to follow along to, it tells you when you turn the page and the voices on the CD are the ones that are in the movie. So you will hear Elsa and Anna, Hans, Kristoff and of course everyone's favorite snowman OLAF!

The book is rated for ages 3+ but unless they are really a fast learner and reader they would probably have to be a little older to read the book without listening to the CD, but they can easily follow along with it. 

The book is priced out at $6.99 US, so it is very affordable.  

If your kid or kids are Frozen nuts, then you should really consider this book and read-along CD for them, I am sure that they will get as much enjoyment out of it as my kiddo has, so far.

Many thanks to the Disney Book Group for sending us this book.  

Please stay tuned because we have a lot of these types of book reviews coming up. All sorts of Disney books from Frozen, to Mickey, Spider-Man and more!!

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