Monday, August 18, 2014

Disney Book Group ~ Disney Junior Book Set of 6 Review

Disclaimer: As a part of the Disney Book Group I received the following books free of charge, however, my opinion is my own and was not influenced by any outside source.

Reading! I have always loved it and was hoping that it would pass down to my child and that she would find a great enjoyment in escaping into a book. Being that she has only recently been starting to read pretty good, I am surprised that she has developed a love for it already. A few times I have gone into the bedroom, expecting to find her asleep, to see her propped up with a book open on her lap. I am hoping that this love continues with her through the years.

We were invited to join the Disney Book Group a while back and receive regular shipments of new Disney books and some old favorites. The kiddo is really enjoying these shipments. She loves opening up the package and seeing which one has arrived.

One of our most recent deliveries was this 6-book set, that comes in a very handy, sturdy, case.

The box included:

Sofia the First
Jake Neverland Pirates
Doc McStuffins
Minnie Mouse

And it comes with a free eBook as well.

And this package is the Level Pre-1 for ages 3 and up and is valued at $12.99.


Pre-1 : Reader in training: Pre-K - Kindergarten.
Level 1: Beginning Reader: Pre-K - Grade 1
Level 2: Junior Reader: Kindergarten - Grade 2
Level 3: Super Reader: Grade 1 - Grade 3

Of course the first book she grabbed was Sofia the First: Sofia Makes a Friend. That seems to be one of her go to books as of recent. 

She still had some trouble with a few of the words, but with a lot of sounding out and with the help of the "pictures" that are included with the "new" words for her she was able to get through it with very little help.

The books aren't that long so the child doesn't get bored reading them. They keep their interest. The colors of the pictures are bright (and that helps keep the interest as well) and the story line is definitely understandable for a young reader. 

Though some of the words they might not have seen before or have previously learned, with a little help they can get them.  

And of course, with Sofia, there is always a lesson to be learned:

Final thoughts:

Would definitely recommend this set for your young readers. I know my kiddo loves to look at these books over and over and over again and each time she does it she adds new words to her vocabulary. 

Check this set out. Right now it is available on Amazon:

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