Saturday, March 7, 2015

LED Headlamp from Aennon Product Review

Have you ever been working on something, need some extra light, but need both your hands to complete the task? C'mon, I know you have. I have. Sometimes there is no one extra around to hold on to the flashlight, so you need a gadget where your hands are free, but you still can shine that light.

Well then the Aennon headlamp is for you. 

I know you probably won't believe this, but as I type up my review, I am wearing it. Seriously, I have it on my head right now. Obviously, it isn't on as it is daylight out. but it is on my head. 

What do I love about it? Well, let me tell you a few things that I have found while using this headlamp.

**It is so lightweight that it is scary. You can almost forget that you have it on your head. 
**The straps are adjustable and they stretch. They stay on your head, in the place that you put them. They don't bunch up, or pull on your hair.
**The LED light is adjustable. You don't need to cock your head up and down, the light can move at different angles. 
**Has different light modes. You can turn it on for two lights, four lights, eight lights, or my complete favorite to freak people out at night, two read lights.  It is super bright, so remember not to look directly into it, or shine it in anyone else's eyes.
**It has a "foam" pad to the back of the light, it does not hurt your forehead, kind of contours to it.
**A big plus? It comes with batteries. Yes, it actually has the batteries included!!!!
**It appears pretty durable (I haven't dropped it yet, but I'm sure it'll happen). The light seems to really be solid.
**100% money back guarantee from Aennon if you aren't satisfied. You can't go wrong there. 

Right now you can order one of these on Amazon for $17.99 (saving 40%) and if you have Amazon Prime, it ships free and fast. 

I really do love the ease of use and the comfort level with it. I have used it under the sink, under the bed (no, I wasn't under there, was looking for something under there), but my favorite use for it??

The dog. Yep, our pup. He makes his last run around 10 at night when it is pitch black out there. Sometimes it is hard to hold him and a flashlight, this way, I don't have to. Strap on my LED Headlamp and head on out the door. 

Disclaimer: I received absolutely no monetary compensation for this post. All words, opinions are my own and were not influenced by any outside source. I did receive a product free of charge for my honest review. 

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Positive Buzz said...

This would be useful when I am working under the sink. I had replaced my kitchen faucet and it is so hard to see under the cabinet. This would be good to see and to have your hands free. Nice review!