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Lita Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet From Pfister Review

I have to tell you that I have "drooled" over some of these when we have come across them in the stores, but have never really been able to afford one of this high quality. 

And with Pfister, you do get high quality.

For our honest review and being a member of Friends of Pfister, I was sent the following, free of charge.

Which also included the soap dispenser.

This is what our kitchen set up looked like before we switched it out. Still the same one that came with the place. We were due for an upgrade.

It arrived in one big box.

Lots of parts and to tell you the truth, I was worried about how much stress this would cause installing.

The installation took my husband a couple of hours after the water was turned off. Mainly the longest time was removing the rusted faucets that were in there and trying to get under the sink to do it. We have a small space under the sink and well, my husband is 6'3. 

With a little swearing, and knuckle scraping he was able to get it installed, soap dispenser and all. And, it looked good. 

This is when he was just tightening things down. Really not sure how we got that hole in the wall back there. Wasn't there before he started, lol.

 And this is the complete set up finished. So much nicer than what we had in there.

My opinion:

I absolutely love the pull down feature of it. Makes it so easy to rinse dishes as well as to rinse out the sink when I am down. 

The kiddo loves that feature as well, she can help me out with dishes, or she can easily make a mess. Either way, she is having fun. 

The one thing that might trip you up a bit is that the pull down doesn't always go back up very easily. I normally fiddle with it for a second or two before I am able to get it back in place. Plus, when I'm not using the sprayhead feature, it'll sometimes squirt out a little bit through those holes while I am just running water, so I just have to click the button and then it stops. 

Don't worry about not having enough hose to install. This bad boy comes with 36" integrated nylon supply lines as well as the fittings, so you don't need to run out to the hardware store and make any extra purchases. 

Want to know what else I love? The soap dispenser. I can't tell you how much dish soap my husband has wasted washing his hands in the sink or having the clutter of all those hand soaps all over the place out there. I knock them over, pick them up, only to knock them over again. Now with the soap dispenser, we put in our favorite hand soap and it is right there. No fuss, no muss, and no more wasting of dish soap to wash hands. The kiddo loves it as well. Makes it so easy for her to wash her hands and not make a mess at the same time. 

This pull-down faucet has made my cleaning dishes chores a bit easier and it really classes up the sink area. I am very happy with the Lita Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, and I think you would be as well. 

Why don't you swing on over to Pfister Faucets and check out all their products. I am sure that you will find something that you really love as well, whether if it is for your kitchen or your bath. Something for everyone.  

Many thanks to Pfister for letting Lollipops n' Ladybugs be a member of their Friends Of Pfister. If you are interested in becoming one you can check the Friends Of Pfister program out. 

You can also check them out on facebook

DISCLAIMER: As a member of Friends Of Pfister, I received the product mentioned above free of charge in return for my honest review of the product. All opinions mentioned herein are my own and were not influenced by any outside source.



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