Thursday, February 16, 2017

1 Night Movie Review and Giveaway

We received the opportunity to watch an early release of 1 Night from Level 33.  The movie stars: Anna Camp, Justin Chatwin, Isabelle Fuhrman and Kyle Allen.

Written and directed by: Minhal Baig. Produced by Kerry Barden, Han S Canosa and Marius A Markevicius.

Thirty-something Elizabeth (Anna Camp) must decide whether to salvage her relationship with Drew (Justin Chatwin) after much personal disappointment. Meanwhile, Bea (Isabelle Fuhrman), a worrisome teenager, reconnects with her introverted childhood friend, Andy (Kyle Allen) to overcome their differences in high school social status following their prom. Past and present collide as two couples explore love over the course of one night at a hotel.

My thoughts:

I have always been a sucker for a romantic comedy so was eager to jump at the chance to watch this early release.  The movie is a little over an hour long, so no long drawn out drama.  I did enjoy the movie, and was able to sit still through it, without jumping up here and there, to watch it all.  I won't give out the ending, but there is a small twist at the end, that if you have watched the whole movie, you can probably figure out what it will be.  I think after the first few minutes of the movie, it was pretty easy to figure out what was going on and how it would turn out at the end. I found the acting to be a bit above average, but the characters were likable and though there are many actors in the movie, only a small handful actually have speaking parts.   

None the less, I did enjoy it and I think that people will enjoy it as well.  1 Night was released on February 10th, which was just in time for Valentine's Day.  If you get a chance, I would check it out if it is playing near you, and it is also available in a digital format as well.

Want to check out the trailer??

You can also check them out on facebook and twitter.

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I also have a wonderful opportunity for our readers.  How would you like to win your own DIGITAL copy of this movie??? Just check out the rafflecopter entry below and enter away.  

Giveaway is open to residents of the USA, who are 18+.  Please only one entrant per household.  Giveaway will end on: February 24, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. est.  Please note that the prize will be delivered as a CODE to the movie (this is not a hard copy).  

Many thanks to the Level 33 for letting us do a pre-screening of the movie and for the giveaway for our readers and many thanks to the Tether Group as well.

Disclaimer: Lollipops n' Ladybugs received no compensation for this posting and are not responsible for delivery of the prize to the winner.

Good luck!

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Positive Buzz said...

I would go back to my graduation from college and tell myself to focus on doing a job I love not the one that makes the most money. Being happy is so much more important than money.

scottsgal said...

No I wouldn't go back - just keep moving forward

SexyBrat said...

I would rather be where I am today. I don't need to relive anything I've ever done. I need new experiences. I like who I am so I wouldn't want to change anything as that would change me.

Katie said...

When I had a failed surgery and almost died. Recovery has been long and extremely challenging

Susan Smoaks said...

the night that i made the worst decision of my life, if i could go back in time and never have called the police then my life wouldn't have been ruined that night.

Joshua J said...

I would go back to the first night I met my little girl. She was born premature but I was in love the moment I saw her. When I heard that little cry, my heart jumped a beat because it meant that she did not have any lung issues. It was a scary, good day.

Buddy Garrett said...

Yes I probably wouldn't. I can't think of the night thought. But so many regrets.