Tuesday, April 18, 2017

VAMPIRINA AT THE BEACH from Disney Hyperion Book Review

Vampirina At The Beach
On Sale: April 4
By: Anne Marie Pace
Illustrations by: LeUyen Pham

     Another winner from the Disney family.  Let me introduce you to Vampirina through her story Vampirina At The Beach.  

     This is such a cute story that both adults and kids alike will love it.  I'd be fibbing if I said that I can't wait for it to come to Disney Junior.   The story is well written, flows nice and easy that it is such a smooth read even for the beginning readers. 

     Obviously, it is about heading to the beach, but not your normal, its hot today, let us go to the beach, but to the beach when the summer moon is shining brightly over us, it is time to spend the night at the beach.  The story gives "tips" on what you should pack for your epic visit and what the first thing you should do when you get there (always be helpful).    Gives ideas on what you can do there, as there are so many things to do at the beach, and also, many good tips (in easy for kids to understand) on how you should act.

     The story line is great and is such a fun read and would be a treasure to add to your book shelf.  I think we can relate to Vampirina, she is girly, she is gothic, she is fun and loves her friends and family.
     What about those graphics?? I only shared a few pics, but wow!  The book is full of "jump off the page at you" graphics and colors. 
     And, one last word of advice, while you are sitting with your buddy, toasting marshmallows, telling stories and having fun . . . .Don't forget to make plans for your next beach adventure.

      Remember, book is on sale now from Disney: $16.99 US hardcover and also, REMEMBER Vampirina is bring herself and all her friends and family to DISNEY JUNIOR!!!! We can't wait, and I hope that you can't wait either.
DISCLAIMER:  Many thanks to Disney and Ms. McGinty for allowing Lollipops n' Ladybugs the opportunity to review this book.  We received a copy at no cost for our honest review on our blog.  All opinions are our own.

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