Friday, June 9, 2017

Urban Hymn DVD Review from Level 33 Entertaiment

Disclaimer:  We received an advanced copy of Urban Hymn for our review, free of charge.  All opinions stated herein, are our own.  

Urban Hymn was released to video on 5-12-17 and is a movie about a young lady that finds that the only way out of her troubled life is to find her voice.

Movie Director: Michael Caton-Jones
Written By: Nick Moorcroft
Produced by: Andrew Berg, Neil Chordia, John Sachs & Daniel Toland
NR: strong language/situations
114 minutes

Film is about Jamie (Letita Wright) who is encouraged by social worker Kate (Shirley Henderson) to keep singing to get away (escape) from the situation that she is in.  Of course, Jamie is torn between wanting to do that and her very possessive best friend: Leanne (Isabella Laughland).

The movie is a multiple award winner.

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Our opinion:

We loved the acting, it was strong from pretty much all points. But after a while it seemed like it drifted into an afternoon school special, that was dealing with serious subject matter (riots/looting, fighting, etc). It did become predictable and wasn't a hard stretch to figure out what the ending was going to be, but even so, with the strong characters in the movie, who were quite believable, we did somewhat enjoy the movie and are glad that we had a chance to see it.

All and all, we would recommend seeing it, mainly based on the characters.  Put it on your "to watch" lists this summer.

Many thanks to Level 33 Entertainment for allowing us to preview the Urban Hymn DVD.


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