Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Heartwood hotel Book One: A True home and Book Two: The Greatest Gift Review

Book: Heartwood Hotel, Book One: A True Home, Heartwood Hotel, Book Two: The Greatest Gift
On Sale: July 4, 2017
Disney Hyperion Books
By: Kallie George
Illustrated: Stephanie Graegin
Ages: 7 - 10

Disclaimer: We received a galley copy of these books for our review/post.

     We have just finished up A True Home, where we were introduced to Mona the Mouse.  Poor Mona, has never had a place of her own, a place that she could call home.  She had been lucky to find a place, where she was currently staying, but she could not figure out,  if it was such a great place to call home, why no other animal was living there.

     Then came the storm.  A storm that beat down on her and her home and sent her off looking for shelter.  She came across places that no mouse should stay, so she scurried on.  Then the stream . . . . . .the trying to balance . . . . the falling in.  Now, Mona was at the mercy of the water. 

     Where would it lead her?? Would she be okay?? 

     What kind of adventures would she have? What new friends would she meet??

     Well, if you want to know, then you are going to have to read the book yourself. :-) 

     As stated above, we have just finished A True Home and will be moving on to The Greatest Gift.

     The kiddo has enjoyed reading about Mona the Mouse.   She has really gotten into the characters and the happenings that is going on.  She has been able to read most of it on her own.  There area few words here and there that she stumbles over.  The story is easy to understand and she can relay me back what is going on, in her own words.  So that tells me she understands what it is about.  She just mentioned that she is looking forward to starting book two and says she hopes that Mona the Mouse has more adventures down the road.  

     We believe that your children or students would enjoy this book.  That they will be able to relate to Mona and the other characters.  Why don't you check it out? The books are available in paperback ($5.99) and hardcover ($14.99) and were on sale July 4, 2017. 

     If you need help finding them, here are the codes: 

     Book One: Hardcover: 9781484731611 Paperback: 9781484746387
     Book Two: Hardcover: 9781484732342 Paperback: 9781484746394

     Many thanks to Ms. Cassie McGinty and Disney Hyperion Books for sending us a copy of these books to do a review on.  All opinions, expressed herein, are our own. 

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