Friday, March 5, 2010

Feel Good Friday

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Well, today is going to be an easy FEEL GOOD FRIDAY moment, as today March 5, is my little girl's 2nd birthday. Why does this make me feel good? Because I never thought that I would have a child. I had concluded (to myself anyway) that I was destined to be alone. My last "relationship" (if you could call it that) ended in 2000, and from that point on I was alone. I went to work and came home, that was it. I very seldom left the place or when I did I mainly went to my folks house to spend time with my Moms (who was terminally ill ~ I MISS YOU MOMS!!) Mom use to tell me I wasn't going to meet anyone sitting on my couch, and she was right.

In 2007 my friend introduced me to my now husband and we got pregnant shortly after we got together. Sadly I lost the baby, but 2-months later we were pregnant again with our little girl. I knew she was going to be a stubborn little one when I was admitted to the hospital on the 3rd (was due on Feb. 29) and she didn't come into this world till the 5th.

For a downer moment, and I'm not sure if this has ever happened to anyone else. I have had people come up to me and say "I never pictured you as a Mom!" Or, my "fave" one was when a friend (who is older then I am) was holding her shortly after she was born and she handed her back to me and some guy said "oh your grandmom is going to hold you??" Ummmmmmmmm hello, I'm her Mom. But I don't let things like that get to me. My little one brings me joy. The way she just looks at us and grins, you can see the hope of the future in her eyes. Her giggles fill the house as she is chasing around the kitten. Every day she has a new accomplishment, a new word, or a new story to tell and the giggles fill the house all over again. There have been some scary moments. She has a hole in her heart, but according to her cardiologist it is healing, thankfully there is a wonderful pediatric cardiologist a little over an hour from here.

So, on this day, my little girl was brought into this world and from that moment on life has been a wonderful roller coaster ride.

She is my FEEL GOOD FRIDAY story, as well as my feel good Saturday through Thursday story.

Happy Birthday Emelie. Mommy and Daddy love you very much.


Anne said...

Over here from Feel Good Friday! I can very much relate to parts of your story. We lost 2 babies to miscarriage and thought we would never be parents. But now (through adoption) we are a happy family of 3! My son will be 2 on March 13! Happy Birthday to your little girl!!!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Oh! That is sweet. Will you cry? I have become such a sap and cry at every birthday!! It is just so momentus - them growing up.

Have a super brithday weeknd - I hope you all have lots of fun! Present opening at this age is the absolute best! We actually ended up re-wrapping toys so she could do it again, she was having so much fun!!

(and 1 more thing - just click on the FGF picture and copy the URL then click on the add a pic button and paste the URL where it asks for a web address.)

ENjoy the birthday Cake!

Anonymous said...

Great Feel Good Friday. Sadly, I used to have many people say "I never thought you would be a mom." Honestly, not sure I thought I would be either. Best thing that ever happened to me x2. Enjoy that birthday celebration! You deserve it!