Monday, April 5, 2010

Ahhhhhhhhh Monday

Have you ever noticed when you don't have a vehicle, you have a million places that you want to go??

If you read my Feel Good Friday story you remember that I am without a vehicle. A shortened version of the story is that it broke down Friday, at noon, at the drive thru window of the local McDonalds. It happens. Well, it seems to happen to me quite a bit.

I'm still waiting for my vehicle to find its way home to me. Though it is in the garage, the mechanic had to order the fishing line cable to repair it. I was happy when I found out it was actually inside, but here it is 5:00 p.m. and it still isn't ready.

Which leads me back to my: Have you ever noticed when you don't have a vehicle you have a million places to you want to go??

We really had no place to go today. It is just the thought that if I wanted to, I could just put the little one in her car seat and off we go. Instead we have watched The Wiggles and a few other children's shows and have been working on potty training.

That still isn't going as well as I hope. It goes something like this: "Are you pooping?" Em shakes head yes. "Come here so I can put you on the potty." Em runs in different direction. I get up and bring her to the potty, take off her diaper and set her down. Em cries and decides at that moment she no longer has to go potty. After a few more minutes I stand her up, put a diaper on her and she proceeds to do her business in her diaper.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday.


Katie said...

My trick when I was potty training our kids was keeping a stack of Sports Illustrated magazines next to their little potty chair. They'd sit there for hours "reading" up on their sports heroes! Good luck, and it does get easier!

Kim said...

Wow! That sounds exactly like potty training in our home. We tried everything, but my son absolutely refuses to put anything in the potty. He will just sit there and squirm until you put a diaper on... absolutely refuses to do his business on the pot. Let me know if anything works for you!