Friday, April 2, 2010


For the most part this has been a decent week. It has warmed up quite a bit and I have even got a little sweaty cleaning. I know it is just the beginning of warm weather and summertime. Summer is not my favorite season. I've never been one for the heat or the humidity. If it stayed 60 year round I'd probably be happy, but then it would be to cold to swim.

Anyways, like I said its been a decent week. The little one is learning more and more words everyday and seems to come up with a new dance move daily which just makes you laugh.

Today on the other hand is one of those days when I should have stayed in bed and just pulled the covers up over my head. But I did find something that made me laugh at the end of the bad things that happened. First I had to go to Target, yes we waited till last minute to get the Easter bunny gifts, of course, everything is picked through and there wasn't much of anything left so I left there with nothing. Fine, we'll go into the local drug store later and find something for her.

Hubby calls me on the phone and wants me to bring him something to drink as he is getting all sweaty. So, I hop on the interstate, get off and go through the drive thru of the local Mickey D's. I go to pull away, and NOTHING. The vehicle is running,I hit the gas and I just sit there.

Normally things like this wouldn't bring me to tears. But, I have a hot 2 year old in the back screaming, its noon, on a Friday, in the drive thru to McDonalds. Let's just say I didn't make to many friends.

I tell the woman at the window that I'm stuck, thankfully, they seemed to be understanding and opened up the drive thru window behind me and hand delivered some items to the immediate vehicles behind me. The maintenance dude comes out. I explain its stuck in park, the gear shift is free floating (so I knew the cable had snapped), and he proceeded to try and push it. He opens up the door and jiggles the gear shift, went through all the gears, but of course nothing happened. He had me pop the hood, looked under it, closed the hood and tried to push again.

Another gentlemen come out and they tried to push again.

I thanked them for their time and called hubby in tears. I also called my father who in turn called another member of his wife's family to see if he could help out. We finally called a tow truck because it had to be moved.

At this time, hubby, my father and his wife, and the wife of the guy that my father called showed up. Someone else who knew hubby and the wife stops, gets out, looks under the hood and has me move the lever so he could see where it was moving to. He was able to take a long screwdriver and get it to shift into drive. ALAS, I can get out of the drive thru area.

We cancel the tow truck. But all I can do is go forward. Can't take the keys out of the ignition or shut it off. Thankfully the gentlemen that was going to tow it also fixes vehicles and isn't busy so I was able to drive it down to his place and it should be fixed in a few days.

Truthfully, there wasn't much to laugh about while this was all going on. I also understand that this happens, it just seems to happen quite frequently lately. Of course, now there is another bill we didn't need right now.

After I got moving and heading to the repair shop I just had to laugh out loud because really, if you can't laugh at the luck of this, then all you will do is cry. My laughing got a chorus of giggles from the back seat, and the little one screaming at the top of her lungs: Moooooooommmmmmmy, moooooommmmy, mooooommmmmmy, and a Dadddddddddy (who was driving behind us) thrown into the mix.

Thanks for stopping by, now does anyone want to buy a Toyota?? It runs great, you just need a long screwdriver.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


Katie said...

Well, good for you for seeing the humor in it! I think I would've been reduced to tears if I had been in that situation. And all those nice, nice people coming to your rescue! Glad you were able to finally move away from McD's,, but I wonder if you would've gotten a free supper if you'd really been stuck! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my. Good news is you handled it and got through it. I'm glad you had so many nice people to help. A car that runs is a blessing indeed.
Have your best weekend ever.

Kim said...

That's awful. It's one thing to annoy all those people, but minutes in a parked car with a two year-old can seem like hours. Although there's nothing like that little laugh to snap you out of it.

I love the new dance moves too. You just have to wonder where they get them all from.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I am so glad you can laugh at that! I hear you, one month we had $2400 in unexpected expenses - who can afford that?

also, this bunny didn't buy her stuff until Saturday! Oops!

I am sorry I am so late in responsding - a rough weekend here!