Friday, May 21, 2010

Feel Good Friday

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Yesterday the little one and I went to one of the local farms to see the animals, go for a hayride, etc.

They have a petting area where you can feed goats, llamas, rabbits, pigs, reindeer, and even a camel. Plus, there are ducks and roosters and hens all over the place. I almost backed out going because when we pulled into the driveway, there were school busses there and kids running all over the place. But, I promised Em (even though she probably didn't know the difference) that we would stop and visit with the animals.

So, after paying admission, and getting some popcorn to feed the goats, off we went.

I wasn't sure how any of it was going to go because when we normally take her up to a friend's farm to see the cows, she won't go near them.

I wasn't able to get a lot of pictures because I was keeping an eye on her and at times I forgot I even had the camara in my pocket.

She loved feeding the goats the popcorn and giggled everytime one took a piece of popcorn out of her hands. I kept thinking she was going to get bit, but the goats just used their tongues to gently take it.

Then it was off to the llamas. The crazy, wild haired llamas. She kept grabbing handfuls of grass to feed them.

Then we walked over to the barn to see the pig and her new piglets.

Poor Mama pig was out cold and snoring loudly. It appeared that she was having a rough day. Daddy pig was in the next pen and he was sound asleep as well.

We sat down and relaxed for a little bit and watched the ducks while waiting our turn for the hayride. Em was laughing loudly at a hen that was chasing the mallards all over the place. Pretty sure that the hen thought it was a duck.

Off for the hayride, and the feeding of the cows.

This place has 2 of the biggest cows I have ever seen. One has been there for years and is humungous.

Em was able to feed this lady some bagels. Cutest thing I have seen. At first when that long tongue came out she started to panic, but she held it out for her and the cow took it right out of her hand.

All and all it was a fun few hours for Em. She was able to explore all over, feed animals, and went on her first hayride. I'm planning on taking her back sometime soon.

So, how was your week??


flmom said...

Following you from FFF on MBC. :)

Cheeseboy said...

Llamas freak me out. Even in a petting zoo.

Mommy on the Spot said...

What a great day! Watching kids at a petting zoo can fun since they are so curious.