Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Animal Lover

Most of my friends know that I love animals. Wild animals. Domesticated animals. Farm animals. When I was younger I wanted to be a veterinarian, but knew I would have a hard time putting animals to sleep, and would probably have a household full of pets.

I even underwent the rabies "just in case" shots because I was scratched by a kitten. It was either that or they were going to kill the kitten and they didn't understand that it was my fault that I got scratched, not the kitten.

Living where we do, lots of animals seem to find their way to us. I have taken care of/fed many kittens and cats, dogs, skunks, deer, raccoons, etc. I try not to feed the wild ones intentionally, they just seem to show up sometimes.

Living near farms we have lots of feral cats that mosey on up here, and every year we have a litter or two of kittens that make it out back. The newest cat I have was from a litter last year. We brought both him and his sister in, sadly the sister had to be put to sleep.

One of the feral cats we call "mouth" because you can hear her meowing like crazy when she is in the woods or high grass. You hear her long before you see her. Every year she has kittens and she takes them down to the farm.

This year however is different. I don't know if it is because none of the other feral cats are around, but she has brought them up to the porch and there they stay. They really are alive, just looks like they had a rough night.

At first we thought there were just 3, 2 grey ones and a tiger one with white feet. But when I looked out on the porch last night there were 4 little kittens out there. The question has been asked on what we are going to do with them. As the kittens get older then always go down to the farm. Will we keep one of them?? I want all 4, and to catch "mouth" so we can get her spade, but that probably won't happen. So, until then I will just keep taking care of them the best that I can. We will probably bring in at least one.

I know some think we aren't doing them any favors by not getting rid of them or taking them to the vets to either be put to sleep or to get fixed. But for being outdoor cats, these cats are pretty well taken care of. They have shelter, food and water.

Here are a few more pics of mama and kittens:

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Cheeseboy said...

Ah, those are swell kitties. How do you dare take care of a skunk? That is insane!