Friday, June 11, 2010

Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday is brought to you by The Girl Next Door Grows Up .

You know what time of the week it is ~ YES!!! It is Friday and that can only mean one thing. Okay, it means more then one thing, but for this post it means:


What makes me feel good on this lovely sunny day?

Well, it is sunny {so far}. It is not horribly hot out. I'm not a heat person, and I am sure I have mentioned that in many previous posts. Yes, it is good that the sun is out nice and bright. But we need the rain still. We get some here and there, but it isn't enough.

Lets see: Oh potty training might be starting to get a little better. She went twice yesterday on her potty. BUT, yes there is always a but, not a butt, but a BUT. Every time she would go a little she would jump up and yell ~ PEE and point to the potty. This was in the process of while she was still going.

I am the center of my little girl's universe (or so it seems). Everything is Mommy, mommy, mommy, mama, mom . . . . whether she is yelling to show me something, or she is having one of her mad fits, it all seems to be about the mama. Just a little while ago, when I was talking with my Dad on the phone, she kept trying to grab my hand and take me into the bedroom. I figured it was because she had spilled something or was just tormenting the cats, but she wanted my help in getting one of her toys down so she could play with it. All about the mama.

The new things she learns everyday brings a huge smile to my face. It seems like everything excites her.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Joanna said...

I'm following from MBC.


Katie's Dailies said...

Hold on to these "Momma and Me Moments" for as long as you can. My kids grew up waaay too fast for me!

Thanks for the visit yesterday!