Monday, June 7, 2010

The Funplay Zone

What could be so scary about a place called 'The Funplay Zone?'

Okay, its not a 'Zone."

It consisted of a little slide, a big slide, some teeter-tauters, a set of swings, and a couple of other climby things.

We figured, why not? No one was there. Em has never been to a playground before, let's stop.

She was all excited when she saw the "things."

But the closer we got, it seemed like her excitement faded.

I had told hubby he could take her down the slide, till I saw the size of the slide, and then I did my protective motherly duty and said no. He replied "to late, you already said I could."

The climb up was okay for her.

The sitting at the top and looking down was "okay" for her.

I wasn't able to get a picture of her in mid-slide because, being the protective mother of my little cub, the camera was down and my hands were out.

Here is the end result. A sort of smile. Much different then the slide down.

Then it was on to the swings, which was very short lived.

When she swung back towards me I was close enough to her that she grabbed on to my shirt and wouldn't let go.

Her Daddy kept asking her if she wanted to go back on the slide and she just kept replying "no."

Maybe she is still a bit to young, and it was all a new experience for her. Hopefully her next trip to the playground will be more enjoyable for her.


LissaL said...

Bless her heart. Hopefully she will enjoy the swings when she gets older.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I wish I had a kid like that, but NO I have 2 daredevils.

We had relatives over a week ago and my husbands Aunt asked if I always screamed like that because I had already given her 4 heart attacks.

We have a BIG slide in our yard and a tiny one which is for Sarah, but she thinks she can just go on the big slide by herself and she just goes and climbs up.

I am always shrieking and screaming and yelling NO!!!

Winter is better sometimes. So is the rain.

Once I even said that our backyard was closed for repairs. I had just had enough that day.

Be grateful you little one is cautious.

Mama Hill said...

My oldest hated the slide the first he can't pass one in the car without freaking outand wanting to go get on it!

My 1 year old on the other hand had only known the Kangaroo Climber we have in the living room, so he climbs the slide itself and goes down head first...ok for the little one, but quite scary on the big ones outside!

I'm sure she will start liking them...The first time they feel that 'stomach dropping' sensation, it has to be kinda scary!