Friday, July 9, 2010

Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday is brought to you by The Girl Next Door Grows Up .

You know what time of the week it is ~ YES!!! It is Friday and that can only mean one thing. Okay, it means more then one thing, but for this post it means:


We got through a hot week. Hot! Humid! Hazy! The type of air that you can chew when you are outside. The type of air that you don't even want to go outside in.

But, he it is. Another Friday. Another week. Another story.

What do I have to feel good about this week?

There are always a bunch of little things. New words. Small sentences. That little smile that you get from your little ones.

Then there is also:

~ Sprint Car Races. Went to my first. It was fun and a needed break out of the house so that counts as something that made me feel good this week.

~ Another first?!? Weird Al concert. Seriously, I thought that I would never ever attend a concert of his. He can put on a show. He does have a great voice, and a ton of energy (changes costumes frequently), not to mention he seems to be down to earth. He met with everyone after the show and signed autographs or took pictures, free of charge. Very fun night.

~ Which leads me to this feel good part of the week: Free tickets. Yep, I won both the race tickets, and the Weird Al tickets. Now that you can feel good about.

~ Catching up with old friends. Nothing like finding people who were in your life years ago and seeing how they are doing. Old friends rock.

~ Finally, a break from the weather. Hopefully. I don't normally feel good about a weather report that says we are going to be in the 80's, but after the week we have had, it is a good number to shoot for.

And, how was your week?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Ugh. The dewpoint here was up to 71 this past week and it was awful. I hate the humidity because I do like to breathe!

I guess that is summer for you. Today it is lovely, but are resting from all of our outdoor fun. Once the weather broke I am like, GET OUTSIDE!!!!

Free tickets and a concert is awesome. We used a gift card a friend gave us to a new restaurant and that was thrilling. Good food.

Anonymous said...

Getting tickets is way cool. I'm glad you had all these FGF things happen.

Have your best week ever.