Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Are people in that big of a hurry?!?

I had to run an errand yesterday so the little one and I were out and about.

On the way home there was a vehicle in front of me (main roadway) that was doing about 55 mph, and traffic was moving along fine. Behind me was a Jeep (like a Cherokee) and then a white van behind him.

Well, the car in front of me kept speeding up and slowing down. You could tell that he or she was looking for something.

First time was at a store, he/she slowed down, then sped up. Then about a mile down the road they did it again at an old restaurant. I had backed off from them because I really had no idea when they were going to hit their brakes next. Then off we went again.

The guy in the jeep behind me is shaking his head and mouthing something, and pointing. At this time I thought it was directed to the person in front of me.

Finally, we come to another place of business, a doctor's office and the person in front of me slows down and turns their directional light on to turn to the left. I inched over to the right so as soon as they started turning I could go by on the shoulder.

Apparently Mr. Impatience behind me did not realize that there was a car in front of me, and was directing his anger towards me. At this time he decided to pull out into the passing lane not realizing the car was there and turning left.

It was like slow motion for a few seconds. I couldn't believe that he was just about next to me. I moved over as far to the right as I could get and he yanked his vehicle back in behind me. Not sure how he didn't hit me.

The kicker, the van behind him had pulled out to pass with him. Neither of them saw the car in front of me. I don't drive a tank, it wasn't hard to see this vehicle ahead of me.

Thankfully, Mr, Impatience didn't cause an accident.

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buzzd said...

It is amazing how stupid people can be about these things. You are lucky no one got hurt because of their aggression. It is not worth all that anger. Glad you guys were ok.