Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Hold Your Breath Mom Moment

I have had a few since we were blessed with Em. Most of them consisted of flips off of the bed onto blankets or a pile of clothes.

This one really made me catch my breath and take off on a dead run towards her.

Saturday we were sitting outside (hubby, myself, a friend of mine, Em, and my niece).

Em is running all over the place and my niece is chasing her down and bringing her back. She was actually tiring out my 8 year old niece.

Em ran towards the dog run with my niece in hot pursuit. The dog came out of her doghouse. Em is not afraid of my big old german shepherd so she just kept running. My niece on the other hand quickly veered off to the left to avoid her.

The dog kept coming.

My little girl kept running.

The dog kept coming.

I'm out of my seat and heading that way.

My little girl kept running.

You can only imagine what happened next.

The dog run caught her feet and she did a complete cartwheel, almost landing back on her feet, but sat down on her butt.

At this point I am running towards her. The dog is licking her. She is scared and crying, but unhurt.

My niece goes to her and picks her up and hands her off to me.

She get a complete check over and is fine. No cuts, bruises, nada. Just a bit scared.

Once we know she is alright hubby is like "dang, if we would have had the camera."

I'm just thankful she wasn't hurt at all.

She sits on my lap for about 2 minutes.

She jumps off.

And, you guessed it.

Takes off running towards the dog with my niece in hot pursuit.


buzzd said...

I am glad she is ok and am envisioning the scene. I bet it was funny (America's Funniest Video type) after you knew she was ok of course. Kids are always doing this kind of stuff. Sounds like she is full of energy.

Sharina said...

Awww I'm glad she is okay! Thats kids for you, my son does things like that all the time. Sometimes I wonder did they just forget what recently happened to them? LOL

Thanks for stopping by my blog, returning the follow :)

Apryl @ Christian Clippers said...

I'm following you from MBC. I'd love a follow back!

Mrs. A said...

Following you back from MBC. Such a cute blog title :)

Sparkling said...

definitely an entertaining scene in my head. kids are so resilient. adults get a hangnail and have to take the next 2 days off work.

Sofia said...

Oh the things kids do, so fierceless!
Following you from MBC. Come visit and follow back!