Friday, October 15, 2010

Feel Good Friday

Welcome to my Feel Good Friday post.

My post this week has to do with family.  No, not my little girl or hubby, but about my brother.  I haven't seen him since Em was born.  He left the state shortly after for greener pastures (okay, where he went doesn't have greener pastures), but let's just say that he is thousands and thousands of miles away from here.

He came "home" for a visit this past week and we were all able to spend time together, to catch up, face to face.  It is not that I don't talk with my brother.  I do.  We text.  We facebook.  We email.  But it isn't the same.

Us three "kids" (myself and my two brothers) and our spouses went to dinner on Wednesday and it was nice to just sit there and chat and share some laughs.  It was a nice and relaxing atmosphere, and it was fun.

As for Em?!? Oh, she wanted nothing to do with him.  I took her over numerous times to see him and she hid behind me or just plain threw a temper tantrum.  When we weren't there she was always saying "see Uncle, see Uncle."  But when the time came to actually see him it was a whole different story.  But, he did get his "full" of kids as my nephew pretty much hounded him the whole time he was here.

So . . . . remember your family.  Spend time with them.  Yes, chatting on facebook or email is okay (especially when you are thousands of miles apart) but the face to face interaction is important as well. 

Have an awesome weekend my friends.

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