Friday, July 1, 2011

The "I Can't Do It" From The Dad With Homeschooling

Ever since I mentioned the idea of homeschooling the little one to my husband he has had a deer in the headlight look on his face. 

He still isn't backing me up on the idea 100%, and it isn't because he thinks that I will ruin her for life.  Trust me, that idea has crossed my mind a million times since we have talked about it.  Also, having numerous people tell you that you will ruin her for life, she'll be a loner with no friends, put those ideas in your head and can squash you confidence.

But, he is afraid that I am going to ask him to help out.  He has told me in the past that it is all on me that he isn't capable of teaching her anything that would be worthwhile or things she would want to learn.  I don't think that he realizes that he has been teaching her from day 1.  She loves being with him and listening to him read or going over her letters with her.  Even teaching her a song or two. 

I told him that all he would have to do is have her around when he is doing things that he likes to do.  No formal teaching needed.  She will learn from his actions and they can spend time together.  My little one is 3 and she can pick out a John Deere tractor from a mixture of tractors, she knows what a haybine is.  She is learning about cows, the other night she kept getting her face and arm licked by a calf that was only a couple of weeks old and she loved it, and he was responsible for that. 

Oh, the things he will teach her.  The things she will teach them.  The things that they will learn together

I have faith in you honey, your daughter will learn by your actions and you two will learn new things together.  Just like she and I will, as well.

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buzzd said...

Learning through experiences is the best thing for everyone. I am sure it will help them bond. Umm..that tractor is big. I have never been in one like that so she has already experienced something most of us never see in our lives. Good job!