Friday, September 7, 2012

NeoCell ~ Scientifically Advanced Nutrients and Skin Care Review and Giveaway

I was recently contacted by Melissa at NeoCell and was asked if I would be interested in doing a product review and a giveaway for my readers of one of their products. 

NeoCell was founded in 1986 and is located in Santa Ana, California. They have recently won some awards for their products: "Better Nutrition 2012-"Best of Natural Beauty" award Taste for Life 2012 Top Supplement of 2012 "Essentials" award. I have to admit that, though I shop at some of the retailers that they offer their products, I have never heard of them.  I was curious when I read that they were:

NeoCell Corporation is a leader in the natural supplement, skin care and health and wellness industries. NeoCell products are designed to promote health, beauty and anti-aging. The company's product line includes the popular Super Collagen+C™, Collagen Type 2, Collagen Sport, Pomegranate from the Seed, and Resveratrol Antioxidant.With headquarters in Santa Ana, Calif., NeoCell Corporation operates throughout the United States and Europe through distributors, wholesalers and direct response marketing. NeoCell's products are available at Whole Foods Market, Costco Wholesale, Sam's Clubs, GNC, Walgreens, Vitamin Shoppe and most health food stores.
See, told you they were available at quite a few places.

NeoCell has developed a three-step process to help restore your skin and nourish your body to reduce the signs of aging.   It is really a simple process. 

Step One: "strengthen skin from within with Collagen supplementation"

Step Two: "hydrate with Hyaluronic Acid Blueberry Liquid or Hyaluronic Acid capsules"

Step Three: "protect the skin and body with antioxidants"

For my review I was sent a bottle of the Super Collagen in powder form and the Hyaluronic Acid Blueberry Liquid.

The Super Collagen states that it is good for hair, nails, skin, ligaments, tendons and more. It is a structural protein and provides strength and flexibility. I wanted to give this a try because I have been having issues with thinning hair as of late.  Plus, everyone wants better skin with more elasticity.  We all want to reduce or slow down the aging signs just a bit. As of yet, I haven't noticed a difference in my hair, but have noticed it in my skin.  As I am normally breakout prone during hormonal parts of the month and so far it hasn't been like that. Plus, I haven't been using the products for all that long of a period of time. 

I do have to say that if you get this product in powder form, do what it says for mixing and use a blender if you have access to it, or mix with orange juice.  It is hard to get all the lumps out and when you mix it with water the taste of it isn't all that great (like vitamins). But, be like me and also mix it with other things, yogurt, cereal, or even put it in a shake or a smoothie.  They do have it available in tablet form though. If you want to check out all the product information and data about this product Super Collagen just click the link and all the information will pop up for you.

As for the Hyaluronic Acid Blueberry Liquid, it states that it is good for: Joint Health, Skin Health, All Natural and more. This product, by the way, is easy to get down.  Has a Blueberry flavor and mixing it with about 6 ounces of water you can down it quickly. Again, I have noticed just a slight change in the way my skin looks, maybe a little more glow to it.  I am going to keep using the product and see if I get some really noticeable changes.  If you want to check out product information you can go to the Hyaluronic Acid blueberry  on the GNC site, where all information is listed.

You can also find NeoCell on facebook and twitter as well.  They are currently in the process of updating their website.

In closing: I would recommend that you check out NeoCell and their products and see if they would be something you would be interested in.  All Natural. Healthy.  I plan on continuing the use of their products and checking out some of the other ones as well.

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, nor do I claim to be, so please make sure you consult with your physician before you start a new diet regimen or new products.

Now, here is the fun part ~ Would you like to win your own bottle of one of the products that I reviewed? Sure you would.  Just fill out the rafflecopter form below and you are in.

Giveaway will end on September 27, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. est.

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post.  All words (except quoted text) are my own and not influenced by an outside source.  I did receive the above products free of charge to do a proper review.  Many thanks to Melissa at NeoCell for contacting me about the review and the product giveaway for my readers.

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