Monday, January 7, 2013

That nasty flu bug, the gift that keeps on giving . . .

Have you had the flu in your household yet this year? 

Or, the other stomach/respiratory bug that is going around with it?

Good chance if you haven't yet, you probably will.  According to the reports we aren't even in full swing with the viruses this year yet.

The day after Christmas I woke up feeling "wonky". Not a really sore throat, but just noticeable when you swallow, etc.  By the following day, yeah, it got ugly.   Felt like I was back in my partying days when I woke up hugging the toilet or a bucket, only this sickness wasn't alcohol induced.  I did my best for days and days to stay away from the little one as much as possible.  Washed my hands frequently.  Hubby made the meals for him and her so I wouldn't be messing with their food and such. 

But . . . .

Yep, she got it.  Just as mine went from bad to getting into my chest and lungs (and ending up with a ER visit), she started to feel sick.  Running a fever, etc. Then all the fun stuff hit.  At least after the initial episode, she was able to hit the bucket.

So, my friends, this stuff isn't even in full swing yet and it seems just like everyone I know is having it run through their household. 

Be careful out there, wash your hands frequently and if you aren't feeling well and can afford to stay home, please do.  You need to get your rest to get better.  Above all, for the love of Pete, if you are coughing and hacking, please cover your mouth, cough into your arm/shoulder.

Please check on your elderly relatives/neighbors if you know that they haven't been feeling well.  Make sure they are getting some nutrition and drinking plenty of fluids.

Please, please, please.  This hasn't been a fun ride. I'm going into 2 weeks with it.

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buzzd said...

Good tips. I didn't get the flu but know how easy it is.