Tuesday, July 22, 2014

FulcrumGallery.com Product Review

Though I have been in my place for well over a dozen year, I still don't have much hanging on the walls. A photograph here, a photograph there of the kiddo and other family members. Not even in the bedroom do I have anything (at all) hanging on the walls.

I decided a couple of months ago, I wanted to make the bedroom, a calming oasis of goodness. I wanted things in there that would make me happy, make me relaxed and make me daydream. So, when I was contacted by Cassidy at FulcrumGallery.com, I knew that this could be my starting point.

I wanted to pick out a picture that would be relaxing to look at, something to make you smile, something to make you wish you were "there."  So, I went with the  contemporary realism art section and I chose a piece that sort of spoke to me and made me wish I was right there, in that moment, on that beach.

My choice was the: Paradise Sunset by Diane Romanello. which is a Fine Art Print on Paper and it also came with a beautiful Mahogany Petite Frame. 

I knew right where it was going as soon as I received it. 

Right above the bed and yes, it looks good there. It brightens up the room. Think I fell in love with this print as soon as I opened up the box.

As for hanging it up, very easy to do. Just took the tape off the one piece on the back, screwed that into the wall and then hung up the picture on it.

And you can see the great pride that they take into the frame work and the inspection of it. Two people (signatures) inspected this before it was packaged up and sent out.

As for a final opinion. I really have nothing bad to say about this print or this company. I think if you choose to go with them you will really love the service that you get. The print was packaged so well it took me a bit to get it undone and it was shipped super fast.

I really believe you should go to FulcrumGallery.com and check them out if you are looking for prints, artwork, etc. They have a sale going on right now where you can get up to 50% off your item. You can also have them convert your photos into prints. That would be a great holiday present for family members.  The choices are almost unlimited because they carry such a huge selection. 

I know that you will find something that you fall in love with on sight, and just want to escape into, just like I did. I know when I go to look for my next piece to add to our home, FulcrumGallery.com is where I am going to look.

Disclaimer: I received an art print in return for my honest review, free of charge. However, all opinions expressed herein are my own and were not influenced by any outside source.

Many thanks to Cassidy and FulcrumGallery for allowing me to do this review.

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