Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Perfect Dog by Kevin O'Malley

Title: The Perfect Dog
Author: Kevin O'Malley
ISBN: 978-1-101-93441-8
US: $17.99/Canada $23.99

Book will be available for sale on May 31, 2016.

What is your idea of "the perfect dog?" Asking my kiddo this question, who response was: "a dog that has long hair that goes to his feet, a dog that plays fetch, a dog that is happy to see me and greets me at the door, a dog that loves to play." 

I think with our pup, she got all that and more. 

If you ask a hundred different people what their idea of a "perfect dog" and each one would probably have a different answer for you.  That is somewhat of the basis of "The Perfect Dog" by Kevin O'Malley, everyone has different ideas on what their perfect dog is.  

This is a perfect read for your beginning+ readers. There are a few big words that you will have to help them with, but it will be a fun read for them and there isn't a whole lot of reading. Sentences are short and sweet. The illustrations are bright and jump right out at the reader. They are crisp and well-done.

So, have you decided what your idea of the perfect dog is yet?  Is it one of these?

A different one?

How about ones of these? We have one of these? He slobbers, drools and generally makes a mess, especially if he gets excited about seeing another dog in his area.  He has been a drooler since the beginning.

BUT, do you know what my idea of a perfect dog is? Doesn't have to be a specific breed, doesn't have to be a big dog or a little dog, a fast dog, a slow dog, I just want a dog that is HAPPY!  And, I know that we have that with our boy.  He is one of the family. He goes where we go, sleeps pretty much where he wants and gets plenty of play time with the kiddo.  

If you are interested, check out the book. Its a fun read for your young readers. A nice addition to add to their growing library.

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Ms. McGinty at Random House Children's Books. I received no compensation for this posting, however, I did receive an advanced readers copy so that the kiddo and I could do a review of the story. 

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