Saturday, May 7, 2016

Wolf Camp by Andrea Zuill

Title: Wolf Camp
Author: Andrea Zuill
ISBN: 978-0-553-50912-0
US $16.99/Canada $21.99

Available for sale starting May 3, 2016

Let us introduce you to Homer (who was inspired by the author, who has a pup of the same name).

Homer is happy in his life, but he also has a wild side and dreams of being able to run with the pack and howl at the moon.

One day . . . he gets his wish.

But is it what it is all cracked up to be? Does Homer love running with the pack? Eating what the pack does? Howling at the moon? 

You will have to grab the book for your kiddo and find out. 

Review: Except for a word here and there, this is a pretty easy book for kids to read and follow along with the story. My girl loved it. She loved finding out what Homer would do and if he would make friends and fit in. She said she really "loved the pictures that go with the story." She has actually read it 3 times now and other times she just grabs it to look at the pictures. We think that your young readers will enjoy it as much as she did and I'd be fibbing if I said that I didn't enjoy it as well. We lover Homer and he is lovable. 

This would make a great gift for someone special in your life. It was available for sale staring May 3rd, so you can run out and get your copy. 

The kiddo asked me if this is what our dog thinks about . . . . .I'm not sure he would want to give up the option of sleeping on the couch, with his legs in the air, to run with the pack, so I tell her that he is quite content being part of our family.  That we are his pack. 

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Ms. McGinty at Random House Children's Books for allowing our blog to participate in this review. I received no compensation for this posting, however, I did receive an advanced readers copy so that the kiddo and I could do a review of the story. 

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