Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Interesting/Funny/Inspiring/Educational Blogs I Enjoy

In my ongoing search for blogs that I enjoy being a part of; I have come across many that leave me wanting more.

Last week I introduced my readers to a wonderful blogger who I am sure many would enjoy reading and visiting her blog daily.

This week I am going to introduce you to another blogger with whom I am glad to have stumbled across his blog a while back.  The Cheese dude (otherwise known as Abe) makes me laugh, the stories that he tells, the things that he does and the videos that he shares will leave you hanging and make you return again and again.

His recent posting states that at 500 follwers he will pick up Chinese takeout in a Barney costume and will share the video with the blog world.

Please check out his blog.  He can be found here:

Have a wonderful day everyone.

1 comment:

buzzd said...

Love the graphics on his site. I am jealous he got to go to Disney. I so want to go.