Friday, January 7, 2011

My WTH Funny Happening Story Of The Day

Do you know the styrofoam that companies use in boxes to secure electronic equipment?  If you break it up some of it is really tiny (BB size) balls and can be messy.

Apparently, somewhere, somehow the little one found some.  Wasn't a big piece, but none-the-less she found it.

I thought she was in the bathroom going potty.  When I called out to her that is what she said she was doing.

I found out what she was actually doing in there about 30 minutes later when I had to make a pit stop.

I'm in there.

The furnace starts up.

The blower kicks on.

I am covered with little styrofoam balls. 

Hundreds of little pieces of styrofoam.

She broke the piece up and stuffed it down the register.

She thought it was funny and giggled for a few minutes and kept saying "mommy, funny." 

Oh yeah, Mommy is funny.

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