Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SUPERBOOK Airing soon on ABC and CBS

Hey people!

Just a heads up for you all!!

The summer series of SUPERBOOK will be airing soon in selected CBS markets and on ABC Family!

If you want to know what SUPERBOOK is all about, please feel free to check them out on facebook.  

This looks like some family shows that shouldn't be missed.

The schedule for airings are as follows:

CBS Airings:

            June 15th – Giant Adventure: David and Goliath
            June 22nd – Jonah
            June 29th – Roar! Daniel and the Lions’ Den

ABC Family Airings – 9:30 a.m. EDT:

            July 1st – In the Beginning: Adam and Eve
            July 2nd – Let My People Go: Moses
            July 3rd – The First Christmas
            July 4th – He Is Risen: the Resurrection of Jesus

            July 5th – Revelation

Do you plan on watching with your family?

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